Tel Aviv Diary -September 9-13,2015 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

September 9, 2015

What is in that dust coming over from Syria? I was out for 5 minutes and I almost couldn't make it home. Tomorrow will be just as bad if not worse. Couldn't even do basic exercises today for my hip.

September 9, 2015

In an earlier life, I lived in Ramat Hasharon - and spent a great deal of time on the main street, which was full of very trendy shops and great places to meet friends. Today I was veering down that same street, trying to escape little kids coming home from nursery but not daring to hit them with my cane when they got underfoot, I could not help but feel that the street has aged as much as me. Of course the dust covering everything didn't help. The gift packages shops put out on the pavement to attract customers were sandy, and the holiday t-shirts too dirty to try on. We decided to have coffee instead and walked in to Louise, generally a cute, attractive cafe. Today it was crowded, the air-conditioning couldn't cope and neither could the waitresses. We suffered through our juices and escaped.

Tomorrow will be clearer and I'll go swimming or something more fun. I need to get the taste of depression off my tongue.

Of course the new series by HBO seems a great alternative as well. The Brink. So good we're rationing it.

September 12, 2015

September 11 was the beginning of it. Well no. When i used to teach in upstate new york in 1967-70 there were constant and specific rumors of terrorist training camps in the neighborhood. I was busy being domestic and academic and never managed to get anything together about this. I now will have to find out whatever happened with that from my old colleagues. What if it is like the story I told you about my wandering in the hospital corridors at night - that it was just a figment of my roomate's imagination?

In any case, we will be feeling the effects of September 11 for many years. the effects and the responsibility.

September 12, 2015

The dust slowly disappears in our skies - some people run out to wash their cars, or to clear the layers off the poor plants in the garden... me I fulfilled a month-long dream by taking the family to Haj Kahil and making them share a stuffed lamb neck with me. now none of the family culinary rituals will bother me. I usually love the chopped liver, chicken soup, etc. bit but this year my appetite is crazy. I want sushi, ramen, cream puffs.

I am not ready for the new year. My heart is in no way becoming pure. I didn't spend the month thinking about asking the lord to pardon me. I spent it asking him to help me move my leg. He listened. With the help of Salman, the physiotherapist in the hospital, and Dana, the physiotherapist I discovered blindly, and despite Gadi, the physiotherapist from the health clinic.

September 13, 2015

The eve of the holidays. I couldn't do the shopping, scared of all the crowds and bumping into children, skidding into asupermarket cart, etc. so I ordered online last week. But most of the stuff i needed was gone. so i ordered again for today. Of course Aziza calls in the morning to tell me that other items I ordered are lacking. but this time i'm prepared and laugh, wish her eid mubarak and continue making my chicken soup, using key ingredients i grow in my window box.


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