Tel Aviv Diary September 6-10, 2020 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary - September 6-10, 2020 Karen Alkalay-Gut

September 6, 2020

but you have to register here: here,.

I thought it would be all booked up by now, but there are still a few places left -

some of my friends got together on zoom tonight. we were instructed to say something positive about what's happened with us during the time of corona. it was so hard for all of them not to register their pain and fear. But i was thinking that we won't get over this terror if we aren't positive in some way. if we don't have hope and don't get together on how to fulfill this hope, we're in trouble.

September 7, 2020

that's it. we going to the beach. enough of this communal kvetching. at the beach everyone forgets about corona and bibi. i really don't want to end my life in kvetching.

and i spent the morning working out the schedule of tomorrow's reading, even though i was sure iit was completed days ago. I'm glad it's done and i can begin to write some of the articles i promised.

why did i promise them? why don't i just do what i feel like doing? oh yes. i'm going to the beach. just like Melina Mercouri

before it closes

the promised curfew on areas of greatest infections has been curfewed. it's only at night when no one is out anyway. it just covers late weddings. to my mind the whole idea was not proposed properly. since these are areas of greatest infection they should be given special attention, with greater testing, more supervision, and a closure would be just part of the package. It turns a punishment into a reward.

September 8, 2020

Punishment? I caught such a cold at the beach yesterday - forgetting the wind and my wet bathing suit in the heat of the conversation - that the wonderful pleasure of bathing in a sea smooth as silk.

the link to tonight is it will be full.

September 9, 2020

it was fun. even though my computer suddenly decided to update (while I stepped out of the room and Ezi with an innocent face sat alone with the computer) and for 15 minutes i had to use my i phone without being able to see the texts i was supposed to read - the evening turned out nicely. there are so many others i'd love to have included - so much poetry by others that deserve audiences. but so it is.

in the meantime i feel like i have dodged so many corona bullets in the past months I should be saying the prayer of being saved, "Gomel Hassadim" or lighting candles in the church or just simply thanking my lucky stars. We've been averaging 3500 new cases a day and it isn't just in certain districts. On our way back from the pharmacy tonight, we ran into some very old friends, started walking home with them, but after a block she admitted that her son and his family, who she meets with every day, is now is quarantine. Does she remember the old rules of STDs? You get it from this person who got it from that person who got it from....

September 20, 2020

here's the video

see if it works

this is the last reading - at least until the holidays are over. i promise.

i know we're going to have a shutdown next week - and then maybe I'll catch up with real life.

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