Tel Aviv Diary - September 19-23, 2019 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Something about American Jewry that suddenly seems so nice to me. that audience in Fiddler on the Roof - so warm, so forgiving. i only wish we could all come together and help each other.

September 28, 2019

I've been neglectful. People ask me all the time what is happening in Israel's elections and I say i assume all will be well. But asking Bibi to form the government angered me. There's a video going around showing a guy holding two puppies in either hand, and he asks them about working together, but every time he brings them closer together they start biting each other. Obviously Bibi and Ganz. now normally i love dogs, and love those kinds of videos, and i have been so busy in new york that i don't have much energy left. But this cute little puppy fight that kept coming at me from helpful friends, has forced me out of my pleasure dome. Why? Because for Bibi the whole thing is an effort to keep out of jail and stay king, and for Ganz it is about an ideology that he must not compromise on. As long as Bibi is accused of crimes that seem to me amount to treason, he can't be in a government. if he can be cleared, a unity government makes sense and a shared leadership seems logical. But as long as almost everyone associated with Bibi is under investigation for various crimes. and i'm not even talking about all those who were caught and dismissed in the past years.

Over here the emphasis is on Donald and his problems so i have to work hard to get the information about Israel, and the two cases get confused to me.

What have i been doing? After days of my pulling and pushing Ezi around the city, he convinced me to climb the "vessel" at Hudson Yard.

it's like being in an Escher drawing - but with a view. With many views. But no view of the city. It surprised me at first when Ezi pointed this out but then it all made sense. Who would want to see all the views of New York? Some of it is extraordinarily beautiful, but some are terrifying.

Look here where the models are being photographed in Penn Station and nearby people are sleeping on the stairs.

It's like the Vessel - up and down and going nowhere.

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