Tel Aviv Diary September 23-27, 2007- - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary - September 23-27, 2007

September 23, 2007

I wrote such a good piece on forgiveness and how we as humans don't have the right to withold forgiveness and then when the holiday began forgot where i put it. i think it was because I don't believe I as a human being have a right to tell anyone what they should do about forgiveness. I mean with the example of Ahmedinadjan in NY the whole issue of forgiveness is really up there. Do you forgive because he doesn't know what he does? Do you try to kill him because that would be for the good of all the world? or do you do something in between - like go to hear him talk and heckle...

At the end of the services tonight in Temple Bnei Yeshurun they sang HaTikva and half the hungry congregation walked out. As we were singing the words of the Israeli national anthem, "The Hope" and I was belting out, "we haven't yet lost our hope," i realize what a sad a fearful anthem it is. Not we believe with a true and complete heart, but 'we haven't given up hope'! No wonder all those people were walking out!! We don't have the courage of our convictions!

We are leaving NY tonight - I do not mind as much as I usually do, although I didn't see most of my friends and/or didn't have the time to pay homage to some of the other places I know and love, such as Century 21, Lord & Taylor, the Met, etc. Those Jewish holidays really do cramp one's style.

Ezi's back as well.

September 25, 2007

ah a free airport. unfortunately the only reason i have time to write is that my flight to chicago is delayed and that may make me miss my flight from chicago to san diego and i have these heavy suitcases that will have to then be unchecked and dragged to a hotel etc. etc. etc. So i am too much in the air to write about important issues.

September 26, 2007

Hag sameach - In the tradition of Sukkot, I am wandering about.

September 27, 2007

In keeping with my green San Diego environment, I am thinking of Sukkoth as an environmentally aware holiday. The fact that you have to make your shelter of biodegradable, perishable goods, that you use fruits and leaves to pray - etrog (citron), lulav (date palm), myrtle, and willow - and all that, makes me feel just a bit integrated in SD to TA. Although I'd really rather visit my neighbor's sukkah in my back yard.

In response to some queries - so far we haven't really been profiled this time. Middle eastern people are usually suspicious, and I don't mind that too much, but I do regret that the profiling doesn't have an additional brain factor. The muslim woman in front of us, with her baby and her diapers and her bags and her exhaustion, didn't really deserve additional hassle.

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