Tel Aviv Diary September 14-18, 2008 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary - September 14-18, 2008 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

September 14, 2008

The pogrom yesterday in Bulin is not the first there. It's just documented. We can continue to try to do everything we can to prevent it - more agressive army, laws, public condemnation, etc, but until we can recognize the Palestinians as human beings we're not going to get anywhere with them or with themselves. I was proud of the Prime Minister today in his total condemnation of the behavior of the settlers yesterday.

I was also proud of the fact that we've won six metals in the paralympics.

On the other hand, I wanted to write something in defence of the settlers, of the fact that they have had houses burned down, children stabbed, etc. That they too are human beings, and have suffered a great deal at the hands of terrorists. But I can't say it with all my heart, because I don't think we should be there in the first place.

September 15, 2008

What a shame that I can only join one party at a time - i've been a registered laborite for generations but would love to vote in Kadimah today. And I'd love to help with a regime change in Labor too. And if I could only vote in the mayoralty elections in Jerusalem as well as Tel Aviv.

My new dell ia back in the shop - i'm using the old broken-down lenovo - and my continuity gets lost. my style is screwed up too. As soon as I get a real computer I should be more eloquent. In the mean time we spent the evening at a place called Shablul on the beach - a great place to drink and watch the waves. The sea - so much a part of Tel Aviv - makes you forget the primaries, the political inquiries, even Iran. No wonder the Philistines reigned here.

September 16, 2008

The computers at the bank were almost inaccessible. Although the bank itself was empty, it was clear everyone with stocks was crazy with fear. Since I've never really believed in the reality of the stock market I'm not surprised.

Ezi had his last treatment today.

The poetry festival at Shaar is opening on Thursday. Apparently Medbh Mcguckian from Ireland is not coming because I've been asked to read her poems on Thursday. But there are lots of guests from abroad who ARE showing up. I read my own stuff on Friday evening - old classics .

Because the Muslim holiday of Eid al Fitr falls around the same time as the Jewish new year, and we give money every Jewish holiday for food for the poor, I've been looking for an institution to donate money for the Muslim poor on the holiday. I'll let you know if I find anything.

September 17, 2008

Uri Avneri on the primary elections. . I think she'll win. But I know the voters have been committed with all kinds of favors elsewhere.

Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting in Cafe Libra, which usually bustles with customers. When it was empty I thought perhaps it might be like that in Pappa's, and we were invited there that evening to taste the food. There were some people, mostly young couples, but it didn't have the usual bustle. We are so easily terrified, I thought - the stock market, a new atom bomb, anything can put us into a spin. Maybe everyone in the world is like that, but here it seems to clear that being continually post-traumatic takes its toll.

An absolutely great story about Lauren Booth by Lisa Goldman Lauren Booth came to Gaza by boat on the Free Gaza expedition and elected to stay when the boat left. Now she can't get out. This is a story to spread around. Lisa really lets Booth reveal herself in all her ignorance.

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