Tel Aviv Diary - September 1-5 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

September 1, 2012

Jews in NY. I'm not that sick that I don't see there's been a big change. Even since the last time I was here almost 2 years ago. There's been a strange compartmentalization. On the shelf of literary mags in B&N there are all kinds of Jewish titles, And there are all kinds of Jewish internet mags -

Why? I've got to take some medicine and go to sleep and I'll talk more tomorrow about this.

So there are a couple of readings this week upstate.

Wednesday evening I'm reading my poetry and Thursday translations from Hebrew and Arabic poetry

On Friday I'm in Buffalo.

September 2, 2012

I could write an amazing list of places to visit and eat in NY but I can't seem to get past the surface - can't get into NY the way I feel I get into Tel Aviv. This is a tel aviv diary anyway.

September 4, 2012

Old friends who used to cross-examine me about Tel Aviv have suddenly found different topics of conversations. We're just not interesting anymore. Funny, because I can't think of a more interesting place in the world. Maybe because I've been away too long. Way too long.

September 5, 2012

What you see from here you don't see from there - I am finally encountering people who speak about Israel - and who are convinced I am wrong about my support for Obama. When it was the aged Mr. Kim in Anchorage, who sat in the corner of his used fur shop all day, I didn't take the advice seriously. Even though he warned me that our people must prepare for alternatives, and that Mitt Romney is the man to save Israel from its growing enemies. But when urban intellectuals speak I am more likely to listen. After a while my argument for Obama fades to a mad reminiscence of the Mormon Pageant in Hill Cumorah I saw as a young woman. That's no argument. Especially when as Jeff pointed out, today's news concerns a report from Yidiot Achronot that Obama promised Iran not to back Israel if Israel attacks. While the New York Times claims Obama's stronger stance on Iran is coming through, and the Jerusalem Post says "It's the Elections, Stupid," the Wall Street Journal actually makes the case that Israel has no choice and maybe the US should understand this and make a move.

Whatever happens I can't wait for these stupid elections to be over so that somebody does something. Iran is a danger to the world, and this issue should not be considered only as a tool for elections.

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