Tel Aviv Diary - September 1-5, 2010 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

September 1, 2010

We're stopping daylight savings next week so that the fast will be easier. That means we'll each pay an extra hour of electricity, the children won't be able to go out and play after their homework, and the crime will increase at least 10%. What do you think about declaring your opposition to that? here .Personally, I think my entire mood is influenced by the early nights, and I would like to have as many hours of daylight as possible.

The things that take place under cover of night - such as the terrible drive-by murder of four people yesterday - a murder that will not so easily be solved - will not stop just because of an extra hour of daylight. And daylight savings is not a solution to anything serious. But still...

September 2, 2010

The Peace production opened today. Driving past Rabin Square where all the peace rallies are held, I listened to Bibi in all his eloquence, and with all my cynicism, and I wept. I wept because I knew Abu Mazen's speech would not be as slick, that the process will be long and arduous, that the chance for peace was so wonderful. I wept because I knew that Hamas will be doing its utmost to stop this process because it will be fighting for its life, and they will gradually increase the terrorist activities until we will be forced to react (probably in some symbolic place like Rabin Square),and it will all end in chaos.

But what choice is there?

September 3-4, 2010

A glitch here, a glitch there, and whoops - a day has gone by. I have to get a new computer, and maybe a secretary. Or maybe just an old-fashioned wife, like Milton's or Tolstoy's.

This afternoon we took a walk in the park in Jaffa, a gorgeous hill of green on the sea, with beautiful romantic paths. It used to be a garbage dump.

We walked down from the port to the Peres Center for Peace, a pretty ugly building that doesn't fit into the neighborhood or the landscape, and appears to be deserted. But it is a very striking project, and apparently does great work

September 5, 2010

The amount of useless housewares that is being sold this week must be phenomenal. And it's all ceremonial. You need to make sure that whatever you buy does not indicate that the family is lacking in anything. The interesting thing is that there seem to be almost the same number of Moslem as Jewish women buying this stuff. Of course I have no statistics. But I suspect that shopping is so contagious it transcends religious differences.

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