Tel Aviv Diary November 25-29, 2007- - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary - November 25-29, 2007

November 25, 2007

More pictures to come - i've got a new program that has to be learned.

In the mean time you can see the website of Ir Amim here. This site deals with the walls around Jerusalem.

I've been watching a film on women in combat in the territories. I think it's called "with a smile like that" and it is pretty consistent with what the photographs tell you about the way we have changed the borders of ourselves so illogically and painfully as a result of this occupation. I can only judge my own people and not others, but I think the same thing has happened to them.

November 26, 2007

I'm still working on the pictures.

so some people have written to ask me how the Jerusalem soup can be straightened out - and how all the wrongs can be righted. There is one way - good will and the recognition of individuals as people. If we can get that mentality going, we can make anything work.

This is a special call for help. Peruvian authorities and Israeli delegates in Lima have launched a far-reaching search after Asher Green, an Israeli hiker who went missing i n a region located some 800 miles from Lima. Green was last seen embarking for a trek near the city of Arequipa on November 4th. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Israeli embassy in Peru is in constant touch with Green's family. Local media has already begun to report Green's disappearance and his name and picture have been made public. (Neta Sela, Ynet)

That's what Ynet says.

Please send this to people who might have some contact with tourists or Peruvians.

November 27, 2007

When --

November 28, 2008

Sorry to have disappeared last night. I was just realizing that my idea of a hard-to-find blog that is only for the truly devoted to discover doesn't work when you are trying to find someone in the world who might be able to help in Asher Green's situation, so I started working on spreading the information around and ... well, and fell asleep on the job.

So if you know anyone in Peru or environs, please ask them if they've seen him.

I was also distracted by a dinner at Carmella's on Hatabor Street. We did a tasting and it lasted all evening, i think almost four hours. Each bite was an experience and everything was amazing. I've never experienced any of the dishes we ate there before, nor could I have imagined them. And believe me, I've eaten around a lot. So all the reviews on line are right.

I'm not sure about Facebook. I may have a lot of friends, but haven't done anything with it yet. I thought it might be one of the ways to start up dialogues, kind of parallel to Facebooks, but now I read that Syria blocks Facebook in the fear that people could forge connections with Israelis that way.

November 29, 2007

Asher Green remains missing. If you know anyone in Peru, who might have seen him before or after he disappeared, get in touch with them. Ask. It can't hurt.

Do you believe in Annapolis? I was shopping today and the question was on my mind so I started asking people. Most of them were pretty negative. "They don't want peace," was the answer I kept getting. "We've been disappointed too many times," the flower vender said. "they can't get along with each other, how can they get along with us?" the lady at the bakery complained. None of it is our fault, notice?

But me and Shimon Peres believe the whole thing was a great beginning. And we really really need to begin somewhere. Today is the sixtieth anniversary of the UN partitioning of Palestine to create a Jewish State, and we've never had a day of peace since.

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