Tel Aviv Diary November 11-16, 2017 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary - November 11-16, 2017 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

November 11, 2017

symptoms: 1. dizziness 2. confusion 3. exhaustion.

blood pressure - normal. fever - maybe. minimal. spent the last week kvetching about nothing. i think i need a vacation. unfortunately i have to spend the week deciding what to do with my implants.

Stories coming out of the second floor of the prime minister's home are almost as scary as those coming out of Syria and Iran's takeover. No wonder the mood here is even worse than the mood in the US.

November 12, 2017

Now we are at the point where you can't fool all the people all of the time. But then what are the alternatives of government? And how much of this corruption has seeped down into government and business? and into our hearts? and how much has become integral to our society so that we will not be able to function without it?

Never mind. I had my hair done and slept better. And 2 girls came over today from the health clinic to help us arrange our medical affairs - maybe shorten the length of time before our appointments, maybe arrange check ups, hearing tests, maybe just bla bla. But it sounds nice.

Anti Shefa was not its glittering self tonight. i kept thinking how i would organize it better, even though Hagai's smile makes everything good for me.

November 14, 2017

The local residents of Tel Aviv don't like malls. Dizengoff Center is an exception because it is so old and sleazy it feels like home, but the TLV mall is spanking new, with all kinds of great touches like sexy old cars and even fairy tale carriages, and of course high end chain stores, and so it is empty.

we did, however, enjoy the food at Zozobra, which seemed crowded.

Zozobra had good food too but although i bought nothing else except for 2 water bottles for the grandchildren, the kids accused me of consumerism.November 15, 2017

The chief dentist called me for a discussion the only logical conclusion to my dental crisis. this was a bad beginning.

Later that day my pedicurist informed me that my fungus was not improving, and only the children could make me a but less pissed. I went to Tamar's school first, where many of the girls dress as individualy as Tamar and no one seems to feel ill at ease. Only the guard, who was repleacing the usual guard for the first time in the four years i've been going there, was eager to apologize to me about his substitute status. it seems everything is chaotic there, but under control, and i think i would hav4 loved to go to such a school. i like Oren's school too - half an hour of soccerr before i could get him out. bit it was a socceer game that went all over the playground while the other kids were playing and there were at least two adults in the game.

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