Tel Aviv Diary May 28-June 2, 2020 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary - May 28-June 2, 2020 Karen Alkalay-Gut

May 28,- June 2 2020

May 28, 2020

i know i know it's too big - but i can't figure out how to shrink this new cover.

the book will be out next week and

and its going to sell like hotcakes.

write me to order a copy.

May 29, 2020

As we were driving to the kids with dinner, the news me on that there were more corona cases than expected and it may be that children should not visit with their grandparents.

too late for us. we were almost there. And Ezi's sister lives upstairs - maybe we were walking into a trap but we did it anyway.

and it was intense - as if we might not have another chance.

if we do get another chance tomorrow we'll see the other grandchildren. This is no longer fun.

r d laing politics of experience. i suddenly recognized this world as one i had read about 55 years ago, a world of psychosis and to break away from the crowd is the only possibility of sanity,

May 30, 2020

wow - what it is like to actually be with family. i had thought that people would be so changed by social distancing but it seems that even if goes on for another month, we'll maintain our humanity.

May 31, 2020

That cop who kept his knee on the throat of a guy who he apparently knew until he was dead - has a lot to teach us. i mean even simple basic pressure can eventually be fatal, and can create unparalleled violence. So much for annexing the west bank.

oh, yes, and have serious consequences for the one applying the pressure.

My alternative doctor put me in a strange capsule today to help me get rid of the terrible exhaustion and other side effects of the antibiotics i can't take any more medicine - i don't even know what i had exactly because i was on antibiotics before i was tested. she says i may have to start treatment all over again. i 'm hoping i can get rid of the symptoms without further tests and IVs.

June 1, 2020

quick note - i can't get rid of the symptoms. trying to get tested.

Now if i had corona i'll bet the test would have already been done.

Trauma begets trauma - wrote Lisa Fliegel on her facebook. yes - and again and again.

June 2, 2020

My blood tests proved i'm improving. i could have had them come to my house, of course, but i didn't know that. i found out after i fasted for 12 hours. and then, when the needle was in my arm, i found out the doctor had not ordered a culture. it made me so upset i forgot to label my urine sample.. so not knowing the facts, having insufficient information left me with a cup of anonymous piss that goes in the garbage.

Not having information can drive a person crazy, even if everything else is working fine. Friends of ours who are unemployed at the moment and don't know when they will ever find employment, others with children in another country they don't know if they will ever see them again, and students who have no idea whether they will ever have a profession even though they are studying for exams - Lacking that assurance of the future, they are behaving madly now. especially in their isolation.

so imagine having other issues as well what can bring to people seeing looting around -them - (both sides)

to end this page with an encouraging note..

Even peacocks observe social distancing.

write me

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