Tel Aviv Diary May 23-28, 2020 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary - May 23-28, 2020 Karen Alkalay-Gut

May 23-28, 2020

May 23, 2020

What could be more boring that an old lady sleeping all afternoon on Shabbat? We were at the hospital at 8 and my old bed was ready - even the charger i left the night before was waiting. I got my dose of gentomicin and kind words and was sent home to bed. That's when i discovered that i had made the mistake of telling my friends on facevook and couldn't get off the phone. That's what you get for being a narcissist. Now I have to get ready to be in the hospital by 7 tomorrow.

and my book of "A Word in Edgewise," may be out tomorrow. And I promised to do a zoom on it on Monday afternoon.

May 24, 2020

Blood test at 7... in the hallway of the internal medicine ward...then at 1 got my IV. And thinking nothing was done in the meantime. But I was wrong. From now on a nurse comes to my home and gives me a blood test and an IV. she even came today to set up. All we have to do is buy the stuff. Not a perfect solution but close.

I was home in time to see Bibi's big bid for public opinion before his trial. and if you ask me, it will work. his assertion that if he is convicted all the right wing is convicted was believed but many many people. and it just might work, his technique of turning the accusers into dangers rather than

May 25, 2020

okay i'm wiped out.

I'm cheating and completing yesterday's entry the day after. yesterday was a bit of an overkill. I thought i might go back to my daily exercise routine but realized early on that it was a bad decision. In the mean time Ezi went to the clinic pharmacy to get my IV drip. The pharmacy was closed for inventory. so he went to a regular pharmacy, they didnt have it. so he went to a more distant clinic pharmacy. they didn't have it, but found out where he could get it. so he went there, returning home in time for the nurses visit to administer the IV. the nice part of it was that after she left, leaving Ezi with the apparatus to dispose of, he set the iv up for our ailing basil plant. And i'm happy to report great improvement this morning.

May 26, 2020

Let's get back to the real subject of this diary - tel aviv. Now I'm not in a position to talk about life on the streets, but i can tell you about this home care system. After the nurse left, I did this zoom about my book "A Word in Edgewise" and then the doctor came to examine me and i complained of exhaustion. "what did you do today?" and i told her, that's when she explained to me that i'm supposed to be in the hospital and this is an extension of hospital treatment and i should behave like a patient. That's when i understood that i'm actually in a privileged position. instead of languishing in an overcrowded ward with really busy nurses, im home, with my very own bathroom...

Oh yes, here is the zoom we did yesterday:

Malcah Leifer, the accused pedophile who fled here for asylum, is finally going to be extradicted to australia for trial. i don't know if she actually raped the girls but trials are the way of proving innocence, and the accusations are so vile i have been feeling violated by her protection here for the whole duration.if she's innocent i will be happy. but if not, she's got to be punished. Oh yes, i'm also talking about Bibi...

May 27, 2020

i felt it was a miracle. at 3 when the nurse came i was spread out on the bed, even less able to move than the rest of the week. All she did was to give me the last injection, and take out the drip, and then she left. And then I had a sudden urge to go for a walk. Fearful I would suddenly lose this incredible new found energy i declared we would not go far. And the cat came along.

But as we walked I found energy returning in greater and greater waves. my attention turned to the poor cat who passed dog after dog with me in between. when we got to the park at the top of the hill, she was attacked by a bunch of crows, and as we started to descend, the macaws took over. then the cats we don't feed but who watch and wait for us to leave and then chase her away went after her..Life is full of dangers - but we made it through. i feel like the cat was reliving my past week. now we just have to get through the covid renewal.

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