Tel Aviv Diary March 4-8, 2019 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary March 4-8, 2019

Karen Alkalay-Gut

March 4-8 2019

March 4, 2019

Few people believe that Bibi will be replaced. most of us are stuck in the mud up to our chin and are afraid to make waves.

met a new immigrant today and it got me thinking of how difficult it is for an american married to an israeli to make it here. first the israeli is reunited with the family and becomes someone else - friday night dinners and everyone is arguing and agreeing while the spouse look askance at the change in character of the partner. then there is the fact that the israeli partner usually has a job and is busy while the immigrant is left to his/her own devices. And israeli society is not incredibly open. it's indifferent to strangers. although if you know how to jest, it is easy to meet people. it's like new york. i always feel at home in new york.

A field of Lupine just sitting there in the middle of Kfar Shmariyahu. This has been a winter of rain, and we're thrilled. Everything is green.

March 6, 2019

We had lunch yesterday in Daliat Al Carmel - a crazy restaurant off the tourist scene named Turqiz. totally empty and amazingly good. not local Druze but with a combination taste of Europe and Druze.


sorry about not cleaning the lens. but it makes the place look even more romantic.

I was in a hurry because i promised to read and be interviewed at the university at Haifa. I kept getting reminded that it would be a very large class and the audience would be multilingual, so i was a little anxious, but it turned out to be a regular class of about 80 people, and i was really happy that i had told 2-3 friends whose presence reminded me of how much fun it is to speak with friends. it reminded me too of old days when my friends came to my readings.

gotta figure out how to comb my hair

March 7, 2019

nope. nothing today. i started feeling great pain and shivering last night and slowly realized that the weakness and shaking i've been experiencing lately is connected to a UTI. i was too exhausted to get together a visit to the emergency ward and decided to start on antibiotics and pain relievers, and began in the morning to make contact with a doctor. i knew it was too late to do tests because of my self-medication, but i wanted confirmation or advice. still - until lunch time i didn't have the strength to look and every effort i made turned out to be confused and just messed up my computer. Ezi stepped in and got hold of my doctor who confirmed and promised to call tomorrow to see if all is well. So I've been watching world war ii movies all day. that isn't much but all i've got to report.

March 8, 2019

It was a remarkable recovery. i dragged myself out of bed to get to Noa's school so we could work on the family history for Beit Hatfustot. And by the time we ended our session, I was feeling almost human. Two hours later we were at the shopping center at Shfayim. We had planned nothing for the evening because i thought i'd still be sick, so i spent the evening looking up old pictures of the Western Wall to see if in the past there was such a prohibition against men and women praying together. here's one:

Today, on international women's day, the conservative women praying at the wall were attacked by people who came out in subsidized buses to curse and revile them. it really is objectionable and another reason why so many of us object to the domination of the extremists. If you haven't already decided to vote against coalitions with religious parties, this might help you decide.

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