Tel Aviv Diary - March 27-31, 2012 Karen Alkalay-Gut

March 27, 2012

Too much work, too much shopping, too cute grandchildren, and too many chores for the holiday. I've got 20 people and still counting to account for, and not enough tables. In Jewish tradition, though, you don't count people, because that warns the evil eye how many there are and it tempts him to get to work at getting rid of the extras. I don't go for the evil eye but somehow the idea of counting people does seem to dehumanize individuals, especially after the holocaust. So I'm not going to say finally how many there are.

But with the operation I'm having on Friday morning I might not be in shape to produce a seder. And yet it is impossible that someone should not be at a seder. Everyone has to be somewhere.

March 28, 2012

I seem to have a hybrid salary now - half goes for electricity and half for gasoline. And that's all people talk about lately - how much things cost. Wait a minute - that's all anyone every talks about.

Two shopping days in a row: Clothes for the kids for holiday - check, clothes for me - whoops - nothing looks right except the stuff i already have. And I guess have the infection in my implants and sinuses scooped out is enough of a spring renewal.

March 29, 2012

Wiped out from too much sugar and too many celebrations. I'm going to sleep - daylight savings starts tonight.

March 30, 2012

While the Tel Aviv Marathon was going strong, and the Land Day protests were beginning, I was sprawled out on the dentists' chair getting an implant removed. I've been pretty sure for a long time it was causing my sinus infections, but only recently did that show up in a medical exam. anyway I'm missing all the action, and will be stuck in bed for a while. I think he's over-dosing me with painkillers and antibiotics but i don't dare disobey the expert. On a liquid diet too.

Thank goodness we spent last night in Papa's gorging ourselves on pastas and steak. Once again Papa's got incredible reviews - there's a picture of the tortellini here. And the gnocchi was to die for.

the article is in hebrew here

March 31, 2012

Wiped out by antibiotics and the operation I could barely get out of bed today - all plans cancelled. But I'm feeling a bit better now and have hope. And while we're on the subject of hope, I've been thinking about our new anthem. I think "hope" is a good name, but the anthem has to be changed. Even the melody doesn't really work, with its minor key. But that could be souped up - the big problem is the lyrics. Although Isaiah is a much better songwriter then Naphtali Herz Imber he still doesn't quite encompass the whole picture and I wonder what it would be like to sing his words as a Moslem.

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