Tel Aviv Diary - June 7-11, 2014 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

June 7, 2014

47 years of - what is it? it could be called occupation but i think it is more devastation of both our societies.

Okay. I can't find the exact information anywhere but there's play opening in Jerusalem that has one poem of mine in it:

tickets are:here

June 8, 2014

Are we getting the president we deserve? If we haven't gotten rid of our prime minister we deserve whatever we get. And one by one the candidates prove a little more rotten then we thought. Could we possibly get a better president then Shimon Peres? I have this warm feeling that our soon-to-be-former president is now speaking peace in the Vatican at this very moment. And Bibi is going to have to sleep in the car tonight from the headache Sara now has.

All right I'm not making sense. I'm too full of pain medicine to make sense.

Every time I speak with Sasson Somekh I feel like I'm in Baghdad. His memories of that city are so strong even though his family was force to leave in 1951 when he was a teenager. Apparently there are more Jews expelled from Arab countries than Palestinians from Israel. But the Jews don't seem to complain, even though they left their houses and property. Maybe because they didn't get to take their keys.

June 9, 2014

So we went to see the play - Mochot - in Jerusalem tonight. A stunning anthology of poetry by women in Israel. It's on tomorrow and the night after too. In Beit Mazia. Great performers and wonderful poets.

June 10, 2014

Amos Oz's play, Portraits of the Village: not so great. Wonderful old songs, wonderful acting, good dialogue, no plot.

Never mind. We'll have a lot of melodrama now that we have a new president. He's beautifully sentimental and I'm sure there will be many many stories soon. Rubi Rivlin is an honest and kind man and maybe he can influence the atmosphere of the country.

It's beginning to look like I'll be getting a new knee. I've still got one more thing to try and then it's the knife for me.

June 11, 2014

It took me less than an hour to do the whole x-ray thing and get home. It was so efficient and simple. And they told me the results would be available online in the evening, so I checked. There it was on my medical site, the results of my x-rays on both knees, under gynecological tests.

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