Tel Aviv Diary -June 2-6, 2015 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

June 2, 2015

what do people ask me in Rome? "How do i get Fauda with english subtitles?" go here:

When Robbie told us about the way the women dress in the synagogue in the Ghetto, she was particularly impressed with the very high thin heels the women wore. She said that she worried that when she left the women's section she would find a pile of women at the bottom of the stairs. Who could walk in those heels?

We watched guests coming in for a wedding and saw the same heels. it was amazing. There were a lot of police but they were busy looking and commenting on the beauties wearing the heels. it didn't look like the ghetto was in any danger.

June 3, 2015

Welcome to Salerno! No Jews here for 500 years! And tonight at the conference of 100,000 poets for peace people keep coming up to me and noting that they have relatives in Israel. I didn't really meet any of the participants from Arab countries yet, but I can't wait.

June 5, 2015

Bad wifi but great vibes here. So far Salerno is hiding its poverty very well and the poetry festival is burgeoning in the beautiful city.

it looks like a charming place, very traditional, very comfortable, very lovely. but the economic difficulty is palpable.

Salerno has a street named after the jews,but there haven't been any jews living here for at least 500 years. i don't know why the jews haven't invaded yet - it's a gorgeous town.

I have been to this conference for two good days now but have yet to meet an Arab participant. why is this? i was so hoping to be able to build something that might be the beginning of a bridge.

June 6, 2015

Yesterday was Ezi's birthday and we wound up spending it with a gaggle of lovely women from India and Israel. Even though it was nice and we were in the restaurant where Alphonso Gatto always wrote, we have to figure out something more spectacular to do when we get back home to celebrate.

Today we changed hotels. We were in a great b+b on viccolo della nove, but there were two steep flights of stairs and the conference itself in St Sofia is another 4 flights and we have to go back and forth up and down a hill a few times a day to get to these stairs. the new place seems fine - with an elevator and is nearer to the church but i was sorry to leave Rosario, the proprietor, and his generosity.

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