Tel Aviv Diary June 19-23, 2018 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary --June 19-23, 2018 Karen Alkalay-Gut

June 19-23, 2018

All day the news of Gonen Segev has been in my mind. Even when I was doing a radio show at Oranim College, I was distracted by thoughts of what absolute hatred of his homeland led him to spy for Iran. No way he did it for love of Iran, no way he did it for honor and respect, no way he did it for the desire to sustain himself in Nigeria. I can picture him getting married to a German diplomat for the passport and divorcing her without ever touching her. so he can even change his name and travel to Europe to pass on information and honestly believe nothing can touch him in his walk-in clinic. what bothers me the most is that i never believed in him, was always sure he was playing the Israel dream, playing politics until people started to catch on, working on making quick bucks with ecstasy, ugh. it's too close to home.

So my radio show wasn't that great. i mean it was really good but i was just a little sick and distracted.

you can hear it here

The program was recorded in the morning but we stopped on the way home for hummous and a visit, leaving just enough time to get back for the show. I wasn't sure it was going to be posted and wanted to hear it. We almost made it back in time but just as we were going down our street, one house away from ours, a car pulled out of a parking spot without looking and crashed into our brand new vehicle. Wouldn't you know it. she came out of her car with her license and insurance in hand but Ezi - always the gentleman - said the damage wasn't worth it and let her go.

June 20, 2018

not my day. i don't know why. we're shooting rockets over Gaza in response to their shooting rockets over us and I'm feeling rotten.

of course the people in the south are feeling far more rotten than i feel. hiding in shelters. June 21, 2018

we spent the evening with Avi Gabbay who impressed the hell out of me. His ideology is similar to mine. is honest, direct, and he knows how to deal. what he doesn't know is how to communicate publically. to my complaints he frowned and said they update the facebook every day. i have been looking for those updates for hours. finally find a piece about the evening. its here. Everyone was enthusiastic and encouraging but there are so many little groups - we've got to get out to the media.

the evening we were at we found on a site named mahapach

here's a picture of the event at the Streit's garden:

and as impressive as it is, it is only one of many!

if you go to the sites, you can find a meeting near you and maybe arrange one of your own.

and on Avi Gabbay's site there are a confusing number of speeches and film.

By the way if you are looking for specific answers i think he's playing his cards close to his chest while he's gathering support, but it makes it hard to advertise. you don't give away your red lines. you don't bargain in public while giving up property.

this leads to the problem of platform. I know that his focus is on government corruption - particularly appropriation of funds, most important he believes it is possible to make peace now and he is certain he can do it.

platform for me.

June 22, 2018

Anticipating the arrival of even more grandchildren i realized i had not ordered enough food or ingredients and dared enter the supermarket on a Friday morning. A Friday morning. Hell on cart wheels. I mean it was so crowded there was no room to get past the lines at the cashier. A typical Friday morning. But something was different, strange, quiet. And then someone said "this place is full of Ashkenazim!" This was a strange thing to say since all the cashiers were wearing hijabs and my friend with me is pure Turkish. i don't know about the others - it's impossible to tell - and my name is Alkalay after all.

But the quiet was so unusual for a Friday supermarket, I understand why she said it.

Or maybe it was the opposite. Maybe she meant that people who do last-minute shopping are obvious not those who prepare food on Friday morning so they must not be real housewives and therefore are spoiled European dames. I don't know why this line bothered me and why I am remembering it, without really understanding its intention.

June 23, 2018

Why am I obsessing about Alaa AlSawani? I can't stop writing about "The Automobile Club of Egypt" - maybe it is just an escapte from Ezi's bad PET scan. But it is a pretty great novel. More to come.

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