Tel Aviv Diary -June 12-16, 2015 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

June 12, 2015

Before I forget the whole Salerno experience, let me connect you to the website here

so far there is not much there but that's only because all the people are still digesting the intensive experience. To hear so many different socially aware poets from so many different countries was indeed an intense experience. But to spend time with them throughout the five days was even more intense.

to return to Israel is a bit of heaven. despite the mess. despite the fact that it looks like the arts are losing their freedom even as we speak. despite everything.

Even television is amazing here, compared to the rest of the world. One program i was soooo happy to return to is Ron. Really. it grows on you. a single guy in Tel Aviv, living in what was his grandmother's apartment, with no profession, no real life. it's perfect. the only problem is there are no english subtitles.

The easy way out - we dont imagine it, and i've noticed nobody realistic doesnt either.

that's what we don't see. its not like on the news in italy which seems to be all about the saving of syrians and tunisians from drowning

June 14, 2015

When i heard there was a possibility of the endangered Druze being allowed into Israel, i was overwhelmed. it was only a moment that it was mentioned on the radio that our new foreign minister, Zipi Cholobeli, was considering it. Wow! The fact that they are endangered in Syria by Isis means that we too will be dealing with Isis soon, but the fact that we might provide a shelter for them, is a bit of a comfort.

this fact is far more significant to me than the complaints about Miri Regev and her 'censorship' of the arts. My understanding is that she doesn't think that the government should support anti-government projects. and although it pains me to say it i agree. i believe we should do what we want to do in the arts, but can't expect to be supported by a government that is wounded by what we do. When we met with the Israeli Cultural Counsel in Italy, to thank him for the funding for the rather leftist conference i was participating in, i told him that I had every right to criticize the country, but not when it's going to be used against us.

He agreed. Fortunatly we understood each others' boundaries, which are more 'social' than political.

June 16, 2015

Before the performance last night, my nephew came by and since I'd rather talk to him than get dressed up or take a nap in preparation, we talked politics and architecture. he was once told that the Israelis don't build for permanence, but for innovation. today i hear that the "new" bus depot - that useless monstrosity - is now going to be destroyed. let's see if we can get jihad to destroy it for us, and maybe the other monstrosity at the end of Ben Gurion Boulevard that masks the sea - kikar atarim. But most of this country has not been 'permanent' in its building because it is accomodating to changing situations. That's our expertise - improv.

If you missed the show last night, try to catch it in Prague next week. it is quite amazing.

I'm trying to think of how i can incorporate parts into the evening at Gaash I'm doing on the 30th.

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