Tel Aviv Diary July 9-13, 2018 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary --July 9-13, 2018 Karen Alkalay-Gut

July 9, 2018

Babysitting destroys my body even as it delights my mind. Actually I need time alone. Fortunately I'm getting a vacation next week and just thinking about it makes it possible to get through meetings banks doctors shopping cleaning etc.

you know i have no right to complain. it's me. walking through Neve Tsedek tonight i would have really enjoyed myself if i hadn't been feeling i've seen all the stuff in the shops before, i've read most of the books in the bookstore, i've done this too many times. And then we went to Suzana and I complained to the waitress that the last time I was there the stuffed fruit - my favorite dish - was dry. She made sure I got an amazing meal, and I didn't tell her that it was the last TWO times... But even though I haven't been there for at least a year I'll be back there soon.

The old things can be good if they are served fresh.

July 10, 2018

So we're renewing the Israel Association of Writers in English. it really is going to happen. A few more days on the computer, a few more pleas for lenience from the government, and we'll be fine.

In the meantime the world cup grabbed our attention for the evening. We knew France woud win, but it took kilograms of nuts and beer before it happened.

more than 20 fires again today. is anyone keeping track of how many acres of earth have been scorched? how much air has been polluted? is anyone really expecting us to help them out?

July 11, 2018

There's an evil little radio ad that is being broadcast in this time of the world cup in which a woman tells her husband all kinds of stupid things and he agrees with everything. Then the announcer comes on and says something like 'since he's too busy watching the game to pay attention to you, why not use this time to stock up on some expensibe jewelry from our store? Well I found myself with an hour to kill before the doctor's appointment in a shopping center and for no reason bought myself a linen jacket.

watched the game after that though.

the jacket got me thinking about how we no longer dress up. how it's almost embarassing to be concerned with elegance in times of fires, earthquakes, drones... but the blue linen jacket would go so well with my green linen dress...

and this got me thinking about the styles of clothes in Tel Aviv. Around north Tel Aviv kids seem to dress pretty well, with drand names and spanking new clothes, with designer-made rips. But in the center of Tel Aviv there is something they call shuk-chic, that is, second-hand clothes bought in the market, maybe faded and a little torn, are IN.

July 12, 2018

Confession: I'd been collecting clothes to give to the refugees but haven't had time to get to south Tel Aviv. Tonight my friend came over and declared that I am drowning in stuff and I need to get rid of of them. We drove over to WIZO and left 8 bags of clothes in their collection bin. "There are local refugees too," said Ezi. But I have a sad feeling these clothes might not get to the needy. It's not based on any fact - WIZO is there to help the needy. Still, I'd rather hand it over directly.

Uuly 13, 2018

We're going away in a day or two and will miss Omer's birthday - so we got tickets this morning to the new museum of natural history. it is truly one of the nicest museums in the country with great exhibits but there is one problem that really puts the whole scientific nature of the museum into question. think about it - how can you have a nature museum without evolution? and yet, there is no reference to the historical development of creatures in the middle east. sure, they have dionsaurs, but nothing about then they lived and disappeared. they get around the problem by putting the dinosaurs in an exhibit about muscle and movement and how creatures get around. Very sneaky. why not avoid the question of how the world got made in a nature museum.

i imagine the pressures on the curators were enormous.

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