Tel Aviv Diary July 30-August 3, 2016 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel -Aviv Diary - July 30, 2016 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

July 30, 2016

We turned on the news today at 5 for the first time. How amazing. There was nothing big happening. That was amazing. We celebrated for the rest of the day.

Of course things happen in our lives - life is full of change and action around here - not always good.

an old video of me just went on line here

July 31, 2016

not connected to life today. we didn't sleep all night for some reason after a party. maybe it was the wine. who knows. the party was great - a 70th birthday for a guy who has spent his life in entertainment, and had all the guests perform. the 40 people or so squeezed into the tiny apartment and reminisced in music and art. This country is replete with artists, musicians, singers, poets - all over the place. These particular people used to be famous, and could still contribute to the society and culture, but there's no room. no room for older artists.

August 1, 2016

Twice today I ventured out to run errands. The first time the emphasis was on the optometrist for minor adjustments and the seamstress to make major adjustments for my new body. The weather was okay and the walk was bearable. But in the afternoon we drove out to the corner of our street and saw we'd be caught in terrible traffic, so we took a different route. turned out that half of Tel Aviv was in a power-flicker-caused jam. Everything was almost at a standstill. We got to where we wanted nearby and then ran home. In this heat even a small snarl is terrible, but a complete jam is simply too much.

As for politics, I keep thinking about that guy who was told by doctor after doctor he'd have to have his penis removed. until one day he heard about an old oriental physician who was considered a miracle worker. After many difficulties he arranged an appointment, and was examined. The doctor told him "Amerikan doktor say you must have operation. But not necessary. No need to cut it off. It will fall off itself."

August 2, 2016

After Ezi had a biopsy on his nose I had an urgent need to buy a sofa bed at Ikea. It was a immersive experience. Usually I find it full of Muslim families but today all we heard was French and the women had big scarves wrapped around their hair. The place was crowded, and we might have overlooked the presence of Amos Tamam, who is a local celebrity, if the waitress at the cafeteria hadn't stopped the salad line to take a selfie with him.

We didn't buy the bed, but we soon as i can prove i have cleared enough space in my office to fit it in.

Yes - i need help with my office. yes i need help with my correspondence. yes i am willing to pay. yes, i am overwhelmed.

August 3, 2016

More and more tv programs uncovering problems with consumer products are revolutionizing our society. Usually I'm very happy about these programs because they uncover health hazards or shoddy production and make us alert and aware of our lives. But tonight I was worried. The program decimated our hummus society. It's all contaminated - well, maybe by the time they air the program the factories and restaurants have cleaned up their act. I hope so, because I really want to eat hummus tomorrow.

it was a busy day culminating in an afternoon in which the kiddies participated in a video for Savannah. We had great fun dancing around the kitchen, the dining room, and singing along with Savannah.

August 4, 2016

A few months ago i wrote about Benny Ziffer and his announcement that artists have a right to break laws. Here. It has been burning away at my heart. Why? I was hoping the whole issue would begin some kind of dialogue about role models. As a grandmother I really worry about the people my kids learn to admire, and as a former beatnik I know there are laws that need to be broken and laws that come from within, from ethics. I want those models to be at the forefront. Take Amos Tammam, who I spotted yesterday. I don't know him but i have watched him on the stage as he developed into a better and better performer. He learned to act, to dance, to sing, to handle himself on the stage - that was hard work, and the fact that all that is highlighted is his romantic and social life bothers me. I want my kids to learn about hard work.

ack to Benny. I wrote him an apology. A long apology.

So I went to have my hair colored today and the owner of the salon was on vacation. Only his assistant, who was preoccupied with a visit from his cousin and had absolutely no interest in work, was there. Even the hassid, who came in to help the guys put on tfillim, was more interesting to him than getting the pink out of my hair. No wonder that except for the hassid no one walked into the shop.

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