Tel Aviv Diary -July 27-31,2015 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

July 27, 2015

Even I am beginning to read in Arabic. its still the stupid texts for kiddies but zthe fact that i can know what's going on is amazing. but then, "orange is the new black" has scenes in chinese with no translating, andi knew every move that was being made, every sentence spoken. Oh Yes, there is work to do.

But I'm later because of my granddaghther's show tonight - Maccabi-Dan girls acrobatics.

And it was wonderful. I was mocking the idea all the way into the hall. The fact that photography was not allowed. That it is forbidden to upload videos so that the choreography will not be stolen. Etc. etc. Then the show started and I began to be moved along with the rest of the audience. A high level of choreography, a sense of humor appropriate to the ages of the athletes, and few pretensions.

July 28, 2015

The Maccabi-Dan group had to add two additional performances and danced before the mayor today.

Our own day was occupied with swimming, exhaustion, meetings, exhaustion.Anf the heat has just begun.

July 29, 2015

A birthday party in Tel Aviv Park - Gan Meir. Three five year olds who have been close friends for three years celebrated with their entire class. I wish I could have put up pictures. On the one hand there was no expense spared. An entertainer named Avner fascinated at least 30 children for almost 2 hours. But all they needed to eat was pizza and cake. And there was something simple and unpretentious about this gathering. The entertainer relied totally on the participation of the children, and they acted along with him, promised him to return the soap bubbles if they caught them, accepted his gifts of fallen leaves, helped him remove his stilts, were in fact willing to do anything for him.

Now why can't we have a country with a guy like Avner in charge?

July 30, 2015

If I'm not paying attention while I'm driving in Tel Aviv I usually get to where I needed to go. If I try to figure out it makes no sense and I get lost.

So today i was threading my my through Balfour and Rothschild remembering how I learned how to make my way around here. No one is following any rules. They may be very helpful if you need help, but when you're on the road - the rules were made to be broken. we had enough rules in countries where the rules were made by others. The problem is the second generations of lawlessness.

July 31, 2015

So I wan looking for this new feldenkreis guy;s address - the one who is going to impress and and i am excited, so i don't trust myself to find my way. so i have my ways on and as soon as the criticak diections started to speak, the friends who had sent me to call rang up to make sure I had connacted the man. That and a swerving car caused me to drop my talking phone somewhere beteween the seat. too me for a while to reorient it. To Karen Alkalay-Gut Diary

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