Tel Aviv Diary July 13-7, 2020 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary - July 13, 2020 Karen Alkalay-Gut

July 13, 2020

kvetch kvetch kvetch. everyone (but my brother) is kvetching. last night i did a zoom of some girfriends who are all depressed because of the corone. one told of the standard problems of missing family and friends, another of gaining weight, another of being on hotline with suicidal people, another of loneliness, another of joblessness, and as much as i tried to get some happy story out of one of them, it was all sad with no hope for the future.

Sorry, I have hope. 1. My brother, whose health keeps challenging, is nevertheless progressing with his book on the Mishnah. 2. I really believe that the era og Bibi and Trump and Erdogan and Putin and all the others will come to an end.

July 14, 2020

Bastille Day is here again. The demonstrations against Bibi in front of his home are calling for his imprisonment - at best. It's a totally personal demonstration and it is out of control.

And I was hoping to spend a romantic evening at home tucked under Ezi's arm watching "Teheran" on tv. now i have to watch the news. No way of escaping reality around here.

What will he do? They are making so much noise he can't ignore them, and the cops have been there for a while now. Can he have them arrested? Maybe the neighbors will complain and then he won't have to be involved and can pretend it didn't exist, just as he ignores everything else that happens here.

Apropos of nothing, I spent too much of today on Zoom. So knowing i'd go crazy looking at myself and seeing the way I've aged in this situation, I put on eye make up like Nefertiti. No one noticed. Even when i was leading a meeting.

July 15, 2020

i was making an order like i do every week on the site of the supermarket. maybe a little less than usual because Ezi drives me crazy about my overbuying habit. but then i discovered that instead of one-day delivery, it's one week. that made me realize that we're definitely going into lockdown.

and i am dying to do some more shopping before friday night..

Don't underestimate the importance - there are people without food, people without funds, people who won't be able to survive in a lockdown.

July 16, 2020

if it is true that every citizen is going to get a grant, i'm giving my money to musicians. i would prefer to gather together the money to create a tv program or two featuring actors and musicians - for pay. whatever, i'm not keeping the money.

July 17, 2020

A Lockdown - if it happens - it will be because of the government's fear of demonstrations.

We were going to take a trip before the lockdowns. we were going to see some ruins no one else would be interested in. And then I thought - we should be seeing our doctor - if she's still hanging on. She is the one who left the health clinic a few years ago and has a clinic where we meet her once a month or so and she keeps us well. but it's been a while so we made an appointment in the morning. We ran into her on the way into her building and the three of us decided to have coffee and bourekas first. To make a long story short - we spent much of the day with her.

And we feel so much better,

I seem to have forgotten to publicize our reading tonight. It was a beautiful reading and really hope I can show it to you later on.

here is the do i download it?

never mind. what counts is the corona count. we're getting to the point where everyone knows someone who is suffering from it.

July 17, 2020

The pomegranates
Are almost ripe
Their 613 seeds
Like the good deeds
Each one must generate
In these times of trial
Are maturing within us
As we learn
More and more
The world outside
Is inseparable
From our own core.

The IAWE is planning a Tu B'Av party on Zoom on the 4th of August. Save the date.

Planning it reminded me of the Love Soup cycle we did in the Israel Festival long ago. This is my favorite clip from it:

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