Tel Aviv Diary January 24 - 28, 2007- - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary - January 24, 2007 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

January 24, 2007

Wrote a long thing yesterday about the president - vented all my feelings on Katzav - and erased it all in my great emotion.

So here goes again(abbreviated): When I was young I spent a great number of job interviews running around the desk and running out the door. It did not occur to me to acquiesce, but I lost a lot of opportunities. (This was true to a much smaller degree in the US but wholesale in Israel.) Of course I was not employed or a candidate in some choice position that I would give everything for. But then again women were not in the positions where it was easy to rise like Becky Sharpe or even Moll Flanders. So now there is more at stake, but the 'amorous' employer is the same. And now the legal system is catching up with this previously 'acceptable' behavior.

That's a very good thing, although it may be that the prosecution is too agressive - as with Haim Ramon. The charges are not sufficiently public and details have to be kept private at this stage.

I know this is not PC to say but women do have the option of leaving or attempting to manipulate the situation to their advantage. I am naughtily reminded of Henry Fielding's Shamela who plans her technique of being seduced. Here's one of my favorite passages: Mrs. Jervis and I are just in Bed, and the Door unlocked; if my Master should come - Odsbobs! I hear him just coming in at the Door. You see I write in the present Tense, as Parson Williams says. Well, he is in Bed between us, we both shamming a Sleep, he steals his Hand into my Bosom, which I, as if in my Sleep, press close to me with mine, and then pretend to awake. - I no sooner see him, but I scream out to Mrs. Jervis, she feigns likewise but just to come to herself; we both begin, she to becall, and I to bescratch very liberally. After having made a pretty free Use of my Fingers, without any great Regard to the Parts I attack'd, I counterfeit a Swoon. Mrs. Jervis then cries out, O, Sir, what have you done, you have murthered poor Pamela: she is gone, she is gone. -

Of course these are the techniques of the disenfranchised. In the world our grandmothers imagined in Israel there was supposed to be no discrimination on the basis of gender or nationality. And it is not like that now. But we're working at it. We are.

Here's something to plan for:

The June 5 Initiative
International Support for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
After 40 years - the time has come!
June 5 2007 will mark 40 years since the June 1967 war. On June 5 the “march of the millions for Israeli-Palestinian peace” will take place in cities and towns throughout the world in solidarity with the people of Israel and Palestine who will march for Israeli-Palestinian peace throughout Israel and Palestine. Several main events will be held in key capital cities such as Jerusalem, Washington, Paris, Berlin, London, Moscow, Rome, Amman, Cairo, Tokyo, and others.
The call for Israeli-Palestinian peace based on the “two-states for two peoples” formula will be the uniting force that will bring out millions of people across the globe.
This is a civil society initiative to be launched and supported by civil society organizations including NGOs, political parties, labor unions, universities, churches and other religious groups and organizations, etc. The private sector is being called to join the initiative and to provide financial support. All of the events and marches should be covered widely in the media.

Efforts will be made to enlist the active support and involvement of public personalities from politics, the arts, music, and the movie and entertainment industries.

We need your help and support. We need to create an internet based committee of hundreds of volunteers throughout the world to make this initiative materialize. There is much to do and little time to do it.
Please heed our call and sign up to be a volunteer for this initiative. Please send us your personal details, where you live and what you can do to move this initiative forward.
Name, location, position, telephone, fax, email and what you can do to help

Gershon Baskin, Ph.D
P.O. Box 9321, Jerusalem 91092
Tel: 972-2-676-9460 Fax: 972-2-676-8011
Mobile: 052-238-1715

To return to our president for a moment, Meretz has a petition going to get him to resign here.

A 'friend,' who was having a terrible time with the future-ex, complained to her father and received this advice: "You have to know who to divorce." The same thing goes for a pres. Who chose him in the first place?

January 25, 2007

not another word about ha-anasi. (Except that Peres was supposed to be chosen then and Katzav was shooed in just to spite Peres. So he must be thinking - that had he been given his rightful position the country would have been a better place.

There are real things going on around here. The poverty report - released today - is the proof of another rape. One out of five people live under the poverty level in this country, and that in itself is a crime. These are people who work, and children, and there is no excuse for a society's unwillingness to share its own wealth.

January 26, 2007

Got this in the mail today: Thirsday 1, February : if you feel concerned about the global warming and all the problems of environment and ecology : switch off all your lights from 7.55 p.m to 8 p.m, local time. It is a symbol to show how numerous we are to feel concerned about those problems. This date was chosen because UN will end a report on the climate in France this day.
Please broadcast this message all around the world. We want it to be an alarm signal to our governments.
Thank you very much and don't forget to switch every light off !

January 26, 2007

We drove north today, listening to the army channel all the way. Its been so long since i've dared to move the station from the news and interviews, I'd forgotten how very smart and pleasing the army radio is. Friday is always a winding down day, and this time we heard interviews with singer Arik Einstein, whose stories really span the forty years or so since I first was introduced to this country. The generous irony that characterizes Einstein's self portraits was also a part of the period, and when he was being interviewed by Eli Mohar, I suddenly remembered a formulating incident from that period. I was at a party, and, having taken to heart some insulting behavior by friends, was sulking in a corning, when Eli Mohar asked me to dance. To his question about how I am doing, I said, "I have become a cynic.(tsinit)" "Better tsinit than retsinit." he replied. Better cynical that serious. (Oh, well, you have to hear it in Hebrew). And this was indeed the attitude I developed - to know the truth and trust little and laugh.

January 27, 2007

Here's something to interest some of you, the form to join the labor party.

אני מצטרף/ת ל"העבודה"

אני מצטרף/ת ל"העבודה"


פרטי המצטרף/ת

מספר ת.ז

שם משפחה

שם פרטי


שם האב
















מס בית


תא דואר


















תאריך לידה

ארץ לידה

שם מקום עבודה















טלפון       סלולארי

































דואר אלקטרוני                                                                       E-Mail



הסכום לתשלום


90 ₪



40 ₪


צעיר/ה שטרם מלאו לו/ה 25 שנה



עולה חדש/ה עלה לישראל אחרי 1991,  שנת עליה







חבר/ה שמלאו לו/ה 60 שנה



תושב עיירת פיתוח/שכונות/קו עימות/ערבים/דרוזים

אופן התשלום :


הוראת קבע


כרטיס אשראי

למשלמים בהוראת קבע/כ.אשראי, יש למלא טופס הרשאה לחיוב המצורף בזאת. חידוש החברות  הינו אוטומטי כל 1 בחודש מרץ,

 חתימת בעל הכרטיס/חשבון הנה הכרחית על מנת לכבד את הוראת הקבע שלך או חיוב כרטיס אשראי.

אם אינך בעל החשבון ממנו משלמים, מיהו בעל החשבון?     הקף בעיגול                    

בן זוג




מספר חשבון



מספר בנק

מספר המחאה

תאריך המחאה






























q       הנני מבקש/ת לשלם בהוראת קבע (המצורפת בזאת) או בכרטיס אשראי.

מספר תעודת זהות

שם משפחה

שם פרטי














מספר חשבון

מספר סניף

מספר בנק





















סוג כרטיס אשראי



בתוקף עד





מספר כרטיס אשראי























הצהרת המצטרף/ת

1.              אני מבקש בזה לקבלני לשורות "העבודה" ומצהיר בזאת שאני תומך ב"העבודה" ואינני חבר במפלגה אחרת.

2.              אני מסכים לאמנת היסוד של המפלגה ולחוקתה ומקבל על עצמי לשמור את החלטות והוראות מוסדותיה המוסמכים ולפעול על פיהם.

3.              אני מצהיר בזאת כי אעשה כמיטב יכולתי לקידום מטרותיה של מפלגת "העבודה".

4.              הריני מצהיר בזה כי הפרטים שמסרתי הם נכונים ומאשר כי הם נמסרים מתוך רצון ובהסכמה על מנת שיעשה בהם שימוש לצרכיה השונים של המפלגה, לרבות לעריכת בחירות פנימיות ומקדימות למינן, וכן על מנת לקיים אפיק קשר ביני לבין שליחי המפלגה, נבחריה וחברים אחרים. הובהר לי ואני מסכים לכך ששילובי בפעילות המפלגה כאמור כרוך במסירת הפרטים דלעיל או חלקם לחברי מפלגה אחרים. ידוע לי שאין חובה שבחוק למסור פרטי  שדלעיל.

5.              אני מצהיר בזאת על נכונותי לשלם דמי חבר למפלגה באופן קבוע, וזאת בהתאם לסדרי ושיעורי התשלום שנקבעו ע"י מוסדות המפלגה.

                               תאריך:       ___________          חתימה:      ______________


ספח לחבר

שם החבר/ה
ת.ז החבר/ה
תאריך הצטרפות
הטופס נמסר ל:



במידה והנך מחדש/ת חברותך, אין צורך במילוי הטופס, ציין רק מספר ת.ז. ודרך תשלום.

המועד לחידוש חברות הינו ה-1 לחודש מרץ


כתובת למשלוח הטפסים: רוני נבון, רח' האגוז 1, כוכב יאיר 44864

פקס: 09-7492234 טל לברורים: 3770209-050



And yes, I have been and continue to be a member of the labor party. In the past few years I haven't been proud of it but i am not proud of the alternatives.

January 28, 2007

I could talk about the House of Thai which served us wonderful dinners the other night, or about how we got lost in the parking lot of Dizengoff Center, or how great it is to sit at a cafe in Dizengoff on a cool sunny afternoon, or how the . but i think i'll concentrate on a tiny detail: I'm crossing the Bailey bridge over the Yarkon that really can only take one car at a time, and there are two workers spraying something that may just be water, but i can't be sure. So i slow down, and pretend to be terrified. The turn off the water, and bow me past as they stand on either side of my car, and gesturing and shouting Please, Pfadal, in Arabic. I nod and wave like the queen, and we all roar. "May your whole day be like this," one calls out, and I call back, "May yours be a thousand times better."

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