Tel Aviv Diary January 17-21, 2018 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary - January 17-21, 2018 Karen Alkalay-Gut

January 17-18, 2018

seem to have disappeared. i know i wrote here, and i thought i had a great deal to say. but it's gone. who knows where it went.

January 19, 2018

yesterday, for example, was a new car day. we have finally found a vehicle that is comfortable for my poor degenerating body. and it is red. so we took the car and went to the philharmonic. and the seats there are torture for me. Even though Mahler's seventh is intriguing it demands concentration and how can I concentrate when i know i won't be able to get up. i imagine somewhere a donor who will pay tribute to the old people who have faithfully come to the concerts for almost a hundred years, and donate seating more suitable.

more to come today.

After a long day of exercise, physiotherapy, meetings, and a long lunch at Dubnov, we came home exhausted. I'm trying to listen to my doctor who said take it perfectly easy for the next week, but my book is still in its printing stages and i have a talk to give at Yad Vashem next week and a book club to direct this week and a visit to the hematologist and more than enough to keep me overwhelmed. this is not usual for january, which, along with February, are somewhat sleepy months. The intermittent storms sometimes keep people home in my experience. But last night from what Milan Richter told me, the evening for the anthology of Slovak poets had an audience of fifty, and no one seem to be missing from the audience of the concert.

The sea seemed more angry than ever today. like the films of tsunamis. and there were rows of people taking pictures on the shore.

January 20, 2018

we went out to rake the leaves off the remains of the carport that the municipality made us destroy a few years ago. now that we have a new car, and now that our neighbors are beginning to complain about the leftover poles and the leaves caught in between. so although both of us are limping, we felt obligated to clean up. It's still kind of wet outside and cold, but tomorrow it will be warm and dry and we can start building the carport again.

January 21, 2018

Do you think Mike Pence will get to meet Ahed Tamimi while he's here? Will he encounter any element of the conflict? Will he be able to win the Palestinians over with some proposals? I would not be surprised. and a few kind words may well help out. So I can't agree with people who want to shun Pence.

Galleys from my book were delivered today and as usual i'm terribly disappointed. I KNOW these poems already. why should i want to read them again? The book is called "Yerusha" or "Inheritance" and the title works in Hebrew and Yiddish. some poems i wrote originally in English but thought them in Yiddish. Some of them contain stories i heard at first in yiddish. Coming out from the press of Beit Leyvick. i hope that someone likes them.