Tel Aviv Diary - November 30 = December 4, 2010 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

December 5, 2010

Just to change the subject of the fire for a minute, let's think about Hannukah. I have been unable to light candles this year, thinking too much about what is happening with fire in the north, but I still celebrate Hannukah with my old heroine, Judith. The Forward wrote about her a while back, but when my song about Judith was presented, no one recognized her. Do You?

December 6,2010

Hard to know where to begin to help ameliorate the terrible tragedy that has occurred. Here's one place. Five hundred children, orphans from 9-19 years old, from the youth village Yemin Ord that was destroyed, need everything - clothes, lamps, beds, furniture, desks, computers, refrigerators, and money. Call Hadas Boka 050-9582841 or write , to contribute.

December 8, 2010

Where WERE you yesterday? Why didn't you write? Where's your sense of responsibility to the world? I'm sorry. I crawled out of bed to go 'pappaing', (dinner and atmosphere at Papa's) but regretted the effort when I came home and hit the sack, without even having seen the latest chapter of 'beauty and the beast.' Yes, yes, I know it's stacked, and I know who's going to win, and we don't leave much to chance in the country except preparing for war and natural disaster, but it empties my mind before going to sleep.

In any event, another day of rest should get me back to normal. whatever that is.

In the alternative health clinic today I had a lot of time to listen to conversations, because the secretary was incredibly slow. The physioterapists and the secretaries were planning the future of the country now that Eli Yishai was blamed for the sad state of the fire department. "Now we can have a real government," someone said with great joy, "without religious pressures." The physiotherapist responded with alacrity, "You can't blame Yishai for everything - he's just a scapegoat." "We've got to get rid of Yishai anyway," a patient chirped, "He's in Deri's way." Imagine this, a government run by Aryeh Deri, and maybe Tsipi Livni. I would never have imagined a future like that ten years ago. But it's now an optimistic dream.

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