Tel Aviv Diary December 4-8, 2005 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary - December 4, 2005 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Thin Lips, Night Hawk, Panic, Ahvak all of us at Klipa, 38 Harakevet Street December 17 tickets: 036879219

December 4, 2005

In a particularly foul mood today because i have unpleasant chores, i found myself walking down Montifiore Street mulling over my duties. Suddenly raising my head I noticed I was passing one restaurant after another in which I had extraordinary experiences, Gabrielle, Artichoke, Mikka. And then raising my head higher there were all those old buildings, those amazing buildings that are above all my little moods, good and bad...

I was thinking that what if i lived in another city - say - madrid - like Angelica, or Berlin like Elinor, or London like Michal - that would i have the same feelings towards buildings and houses?

Habama tells a little more about the meeting of thin lips and panic at klippa

December 5, 2005

As the political picture keeps changing, I can't imagine that people around here are feeling stable and comfortable. So I will concentrate on what is a bit more permanent - houses. I would never buy an apartment in Jaffa. There was a time when I thought about it, because they were offering discounts to artists, but i had no money. That was fortunate, because it seems now that there is all kinds of building going on there, gentrification and new building complexes, and even though the beauty of it is so tempting, and the possibility of living in an ethnically mixed neighborhood charming in theory, i am convinced that the economic disparity in the populations has to be evened out first. Otherwise it is exploitation.

The photographs of the beginning of old Tel Aviv, on the other hand, with sand everywhere, seem to show a new beginning. And the buildings tell all the stories if you can look past the bustle of today. Sali Ariel's paintings sometimes show them.

Mishmish and Shesek are open all night again as of tonight. We are off to see the celebration. Monday nights especially at Mishmish because it is Arabic Music night.

December 6, 2005

So inured to terrorism I not only didn't listen to the news until late last night but found myself this morning shopping as usual in a shopping center, and going about my usual activities. It is not a lack of fear, but an excess of apathy.

And yet the heroes here are pretty amazing - the guard who stopped the terrorist with his body and his death, the pregnant policewoman who chased him... And the villains are pretty clear too - the dead-eyed dyed blond terrorist who blew himself up smiling knowing he was taking people with him, the Palestinian and Syrian governments who tolerate at least and sponsor at best.

More info about the klipa show next week HERE

December 7, 2005

Tzachi Hanegbi, that slick right-winger accused of the worst political crimes there are, has joined the same party as Shimon Peres. I don't know how Sharon's new party Kadima is accepting him, but it just goes to show that you never know who you wind up in bed with in politics.

December 8, 2005

Poetry Reading Tonight
Simta Almonit 3
Tel-Aviv (off King George St. between Dizengoff & Allenby).

apparently it wasn't publicized.

So it was.

Salon Mazal is another world. This is a not-for-profit cafe with soup for 8 shekel and salad for 6. The other room is a lending library with characteristic anarchist texts. Used clothes, free internet, volunteer workers - all this reminds me of my youth. The one that didn't change anything in the world. But it is very nice to know that it exists in Tel Aviv.

December 9, 2005

Tonight I watched the Friday night news for the first time in a long time. It used to be one of my greatest pleasures, even though it was hard to watch with all the family around commenting. But lately it has been such pain that I couldn't take it - mostly despair at the corruption - the terror i could bear. But apparently things are changing because I can enjoy it. some dim hope for the future.

If I didn't tell you what the evening in clipa is all about, you can read it here:< a href="">at mitkadem or ask me

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