Tel Aviv Diary - December 20-25, 2015 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

December 20, 2015

last night while we were babysitting, Ezi became violently ill, shaking and boiling and vomiting. And at one in the morning when they came home Gilad took us to Emergency. At four they decided to keep him there, and now he's getting infused with antibiotics and probably will return home in a day or two. For now he's back in the ward he was in 8 years ago. Needless to say i got no sleep either. If I promised to do something or meet you somewhere in the next 2 days, forget it.

December 21, 2015

Long days in Ichilov. In "Internal D," where Ezi is being cared for, there are many many old people coughing and wheezing in beds in the hallways, and Ezi was one of them. He got a room after the first day, but his roommate seems to be dying. Not sure when he'll be home but I will have to start taking care of myself. that means making sure i don't watch the news. Silvan Shalom and Samir Kuntar will have to get along without me.

December 22, 2015

All morning Ezi and Gilad were reporting about the need for more blood tests and I still had no idea of what it was that Ezi had - this is because every time a doctor visited him, I happened to be getting stuff at the pharmacy. I actually missed every single doctor's visit. But that is beside the point. After all the phone calls I decided to stay home and clean up the mess we left at Saturday's double grandchild birthday party. Smadar called and offered to give me a ride to the hospital and I relented. That was the moment Ezi called to ask me to pick him up. It was like a charm. Smadar took me to the door of the hospital (at least half a kilometer from the parking lot) and Ezi walked out. She took us home and he went to sleep. Probably for the first time since saturday night he slept soundly. Anyway i got to read the report and discovered he not only had a UTI but he also had septicemia, and his life now is a gift. So I can go back to the pharmacy without fearing the doctor will come around again.

unfortunately he is still ill, and now the responsibility is on me. and we all know how unreliable i am.

December 23, 2015

There is something about the relentless hunger for truth in the media in the past years that inspires me. My friends claim that all this discoveries of corruption are proof that we are going to hell in a handbasket but for me these are my consolations that there is hope. Although I'm not crazy about how the tax offices are making Bar Raphaeli crazy with their investigations - i am exceedingly happy that rules are being clarified to regulate the new elements of contemporary existence. multiple residence and/or multiple sources of income, for example.More importantly, I am thrilled with the uncovering of improper sexual behavior in government. This means that slowly, slowly, we will learn to treat each other as sovereign human beings. And the revelations about price gougings and other unfair commercial behavior - it gives me a bit of confidence that there is some supervision here.

Politics is another story.

This is an opportunity to thank all the people who literally saved my husband's life in the past few days. Even his family doctor saw what i wrote on facebook and called from her vacation to make sure he gets the necessary tests outside of the hospital, that the follow up is done. Everyone in the hospital, in emergency and in the ward, did their best to ensure that his life was saved from septicemia. Despite the lack of funding, the ancient blankets and pillows, the absence of nurses aides, etc. - Ezi's LIFE was saved, and he is now slowly recovering.

December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas.

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