Tel Aviv Diary - December 1, 2011 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

December 1, 2011

Let me see, how many specialists have we seen? the official doctor in Ichilov is one, the past chair of Tel Hashomer is two, the present chair of Tel HaShomer was three, and chair of Hadassah is four and now the chair of Ichilov is five - where we should have begun. We were pretty quiet after that visit today, but thanks to the 'exit throught the gift shop' policies of our hospitals I have an expensive new bag to comfort me,

I have a feeling that even on the way to my own funeral I'll sit up and ask to buy flowers.

December 2, 2011

This afternoon was spent in putting Oscar Aguilera's translation of my poetry in spanish into PDF form but it didn't work, did it? Now I have to remember how to 'do it'. maybe alkalaygutaguilerapoesia

there was an ad campaign on local tv for a while about how Israelis who moved abroad should come home It was agressively sentimental and I'm glad it was just pulled - or so says the JTA. Apparently it rattled American Jewry. But why did it irritate me? I think it's because i think it is an incredibly difficult ongoing struggle to live here, as well as a privilege, and most people would do much better somewhere else. Certainly no one should come home to live here because of some guilt trip.

December 3, 2011

There are days when you don't want to leave home - it's safe, comforting, and warm. Especially if it's Shabbat. Especially when it starts getting cold at night. And especially when there's cholent at home. Heavy cholent with Kishke, hard boiled eggs, lots of family, and NO NEWS. Our neighbors are in too much upheaval, and we are too helpless to do anything, for us to enjoy news.

In the meantime. since we have to leave the house sometime, i am hoping we can get to the festival of festivals in Haifa. I'll let you know.

December 4, 2011

So much for the "Arab Spring," eh? From those wonderful folks who brought you the assassination of Sadat, we will now get Shariya in our neighborhood... Well, maybe not. Maybe this will be a new, enlightened, Egypt. I hope so.

Don't think I don't know you've come here to check up on my criticism of Israel's government. The laws being proposed lately are crazy, paranoid, even a little McCarthy-like. But let's keep it in proportion. And do what we can to get the students into the next government.

December 5, 2011

So today we arrived at Ichilov at 9, left at 12:30, then i went to my doctor, who always has an hour wait, and having spent the day doing nothing but waiting and talking with patients, have returned home. It's a little late but I think I have time to take advantage of the new laws which cancelled taxes on internet purchases...I'm way behind in my shopping

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