Tel Aviv Diary December 10 - 4, 2006- - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary - December 10, 2006 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

December 10, 2006

Five day pages are good. Clean slates all the time.

So Syria is moving its big rockets closer to us. And we've managed to put Nasrallah in a lovely position to destory us. And Iran is Nasrallah's best friend. And I'm still a zionist. Worser and worser. I turn off the news and take some more cough medicine.

December 11, 2006

I notice that i made a typo yesterday - instead of 'destroy' i wrote 'destory.' How typical of me. The Holocaust conference in Iran today is an attempt to 'de-story' us, to take away the narrative that was, to some extent, the immediate reason for the establishment of the state of Israel. 'Narrative' is too innocuous a word, of course. And the denial of the holocaust is in no way an innocuous act.

Every Iranian I have ever met has been an amazing human being. Every Iranian I have ever corresponded with has been remarkable. I cannot imagine how they are living under the present government.

I can't imagine being a student in a world in which thought is directed.

December 12, 2006

The American Jewish Congress has a report about the Hizballah's tactics in the last war that doesn't shock me - Since they were aiming only at (Israeli) civilians, how surprising could it be that they used (Lebanese) civilians as shields? But the big question remains - why do they have such support in Lebanon? Is it possible that people are forced, bribed and brainwashed? or that they enjoy 'being involved' in a war? I'm sure that all of our behavior is totally different when we think we're being threatened. Mine certainly is - different and unpredictable.

And can you imagine how tired the people of Gaza are feeling from all this killing? The three children yesterday murdered in their father's car just to 'get' to him brought most of us to a place beyond words...

December 13, 2006

The amount of Yiddish cropping up around us is pretty unbelievable. A few weeks ago Kobe Arielli sang a song in Yiddish about the extremist riots against the gay pride parade in Jerusalem. And it brought me to think about the subject - how Yiddish was always coming up in commercials and comedy. A few years ago i think i wrote about a commercial or two in Arabic (the belly dancer who lost too much weight because she ate the lowfat potato chips of BagelBagel and the Egyptian Intelligence who are afraid to open a package from Israel that turns out to be Elite chocolate). I'm sure that there are many more examples, but the big question is - what does it mean.

I just looked up my bloodtests on line - the same ones i took only 2 days ago - and they say i'm very anemic. So we're going out to dinner. Raw meat. The point of this is that i am quite enamored of the health clinic on the internet. i made an appointment online with my doctor, who will probably call me tomorrow when she sees the test results, especially when we compare them to all my test results of the past five years, which are also on line. The only problem with this system is that sometimes the doctors forget to actually look at the patient when they meet.

Now that our escaped rapist has been caught, we have turned our attention to the jack the ripper of ipswitch. I would suggest that there is a connection between the international threats, the political murders, the concept of terrorism as a way of life and the sexual crimes that are also of plague proportions.

December 14,2006

Instead of writing today I watched these programs of Brigitte Gabriel. My goodness. This is an articulate and honest woman, and what this Lebanese woman says about terrorism makes more sense than all of my academic colleagues around the world put together.

Okay I'm generalizing. But I've been hearing these 'scholarly' opinions that make my skin crawl. It is as if they do not realize that they are dealing with real lives, real people, not video games. As the Herald Tribune's cartoon today has Aminadjab say: "There has been no Holocaust." "Yet."

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