Tel Aviv Diary - August 28,2011-September 1, 2011 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

August 28, 2011

"bendice las manos" my late ex-mother-in-law used to say. "Bless these hands." That was the only expression I could think of going up the elevator after a massage by Galina at the Carleton Plaza in the Dead Sea. Tal had buried me in mud before that, and she too deserves a blessing.

The rest of the world may be going to hell but I have had a perfect day - starting with a dip in the Dead Sea, continuing to breakfast (I LOVE nothing more than hot cheese cake), and then to the falls at Ein Gedi. I think Ezi's even forgotten that we should have had the results of his very significant biopsy already. He had a regular massage, I had an Ayoveda. Life doesn't get much better than this.

Except for the very ordinary food - a result of the massive number of families to be fed - we have been having a divine visit at the Carleton.

August 31,2011

The only reason we went down south was to stop thinking about Ezi's biopsy. The latest day for the answer would have been Sunday. But no answer has been found. And we are still anticipating. Since the doctor's office repeatedly had no answer I tried the clinic. Nothing.

Fortunately we have our Japanese guests to distract us. They help us to get a perspective on the situation and on our lives here.

September 1, 2011

Appropos perspective, If you live in NY you might want to join this demonstration on September 21 before the U N

I was deep into remembering Bernard Malamud for a radio interview tomorrow when I was dragged kicking and screaming to the movies to see "Good Morning, Mr. Fidelman" or "Restoration" in English. The character's name is straight from Malamud's "The Last Mohican" and Fidelman's dead partner is named Malamud.

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