Tel Aviv Diary -August 20-24,2015 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

August 20, 2015

i'm back. public health is a nightmare, but it got me through. I should tell about it, but i'm too drugged up

August 21, 2015

Even though the woman in the bed next to mine in the hospital claimed that i got out of bed and went down the hall on the last night i was there (and I woke up locked in the bed), I now feel like they exiled me. I mean i should be able to fget somee physiotherapy and/or ask a doctor if i am in pain or feverish but it is erev shabbat and there is no one to talk to. I dont even remember what they might have said to me when I was released. to

August 21, 2015

What I do remember is that just as I was leaving the ward Salman, the physiotherapist, stopped me to give me a few pointers. Back and forth, bend the knee, etc. How amazing that I don't remember that they gave me my last blood tests, information about when the stitches get taken out, etc. Only back and forth, bend and stretch.

The results of the deal with Iran are already appearing - rockets from Iran forces in Syria. But I'm not supposed to watch. My doctor prescribed a daily dose of "Unreal" which is like medicine - leaves a terrible taste, but the pain seems irrelevant.

August 23, 2015

I think the worst of the pain is over. I'm not sure, but except for overdoing it today, i almost got some of the movements under control. It is almost time to call back some of my friends and let them come over. This is what this country is best at - visiting and gossiping.

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