Tel Aviv Diary - August 13-17,2011 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

August 13, 2011

Out in the boondocks - Hod Hasharon - for a children's birthday party. An escape from the world, I think. "Are you coming to the demonstration?" a niece asks. "What demonstration - out here?" "Right here - across the street from grandma's." And there they were - a block-full of people - well over a thousand. "The people demand social justice!" Every demonstrator gives me hope - as if I'd been longing for it ever since I started this diary.

On tv only in Haifa did I see Arab demonstrators. But I hope the representation will be representative - too bad the Trachtenberg committee to evaluate the demonstrators' demands doesn't contain a single Arab member. These problems belong to everyone.

August 14, 2011

I was wrong - the Arab population is also becoming involved. How could we not be united in these issues? Let's start with child care. I think I've never had a student with children who hasn't missed classes because her nanny or her grandmother was sick. How do they write papers with babies hanging on their necks? When I was a young mother there was convenient, and relatively affordable, nurseries. They cost as much as college tuition - which was bearable. Now I think they cost at least five times as much. And hours were more flexible, and children played outside with each other, with parents and neighbors looking out the window. Now so many educated women and uneducated women stay that way because they can't afford careers. A society can't progress that way.

August 15, 2011

Since today was tu'b'av, our version of valentine's day, we went to watch the sunset on the beach. I wish sunsets like that on everyone.

I did 2 radio programs today - one at 5 and one at 10:30. I'm all talked out. Will send the links tomorrow.

One was about me, on 106. The other was about Allen Ginsberg and political poetry on the army channel.

August 16, 2011

Ezi has a biopsy tonight - 8 p.m. I guess that if we were in the U.S. he'd go in the day before and have tests and interviews and stuff like that, but we spent the past week going to visit the hemotologist, making an appointment with the surgeon (having run around for the proper papers), then visiting the surgeon (two hours and 40 shekel parking), then making an appointment with the anaesthesiologist, then going to visit the anaesthesiologist (having run around for the proper papers - 2 hours and 40 shekel parking). To keep our GP in the picture we had to visit her yesterday and get a little advice about what it all means. We go to Assuta at 6, he goes under at 8, and we'll be home in time for the late news. 10 days for the biopsy to come back means 10 days of break from doctors.

August 17, 2011

As usual I caught a cold in the hospital - the sweater and scarf didn't help and when we came home at 2:00 a.m. I took out the dog and fell asleep.

Here are the links I promised for the interviews on Monday.

Link to Galei Zahal and Allen Ginsberg interview

Link to Kobe Eyal's interview with me on 106

And while we're into links, here's another one.

Future Meeting of Partisans

As you know I've been looking unsuccessfully for information about my partisan aunt Malcah Kravitz. And there are searches everywhere now.

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