Tel Aviv Diary April 24-28, 2018 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

Tel Aviv Diary --April 29-May 2, 2018 Karen Alkalay-Gut

April 29, 2018

Ron Ben Tovim's book, "The Diamond Vagina," "Nartik HaYahalom", was launched tonight. It will be an important book for sure. But with my crazy computer and my even crazier brain i messed up the dates and walked in far too late for my comfort - just in time for me to speak about the book. of course i was forgiven - i think. but i really hate being late and bringing less than the greatest respect to this book about PTSD, the holocaust, family, and love.

wait for it in english. it's only in hebrew now.

April 30, 2018

Sitting around the dinner table one of us updates the friends with the announcement that Bibi has released half a ton of proof about Iran's nuclear program. "Do you believe him?" One person asked. "No," said someone else. "Yes," said one voice in the corner. And with only one sentence we built antithetical arguments about Bibi, about Trump, about Iran."

May 1, 2018

I think I finally figured out how to do subtitles to this video.

my email changed and perhaps now i'll be a little less confused about communications. so:

What? hasn't the shell game been figured out yet? what was he really doing while he was pretending to expose new information? i don't get it. yet.

even though we didn't really smell the smoke this evening when we ventured out - probably because of the heat most of the bonfires were cancelled - lag b'omer really ought to be outlawed. the concept can be continued in another form, but not in the form of ecological destruction that characterized the past few years.

May 2, 2018

In case I haven't warned or apologized to you, my electronic calendar got messed up along with my email and it seems to have caused a general confusion - to the point where i manage to show up to places but have no idea what i'm supposed to do. Never mind. this too will pass.

but we had a great lag b'omer. we made a little fire in our living room and cooked hotdogs on the coffee table. there were potatoes and marshmallows too. i would have put the finjan on but the kids are too young for coffee.

incidentally, apparently the word finjan which was imported to hebrew does not mean coffee pot, but the cup in Arabic, so the pioneers who invented the tradition of the campfire on lag b'omer got it wrong.

Another of the elements of the lag bomer fire was the 'chizbat' or the 'tall tale'. so here is one: Iran has announced it is moving its embassy to jerusalem, since anyway all their files are there.

May 3, 2018

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