Tel Aviv Diary April 24, 2006 - Karen Alkalay-Gut


Tel Aviv Diary - April 24-28, 2006 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

April 24, 2006

Here I was all ready to write - I opened a new page and thought it was the beginning of something new. And then the feeling of Holocaust Day came into the air and I couldn't find words.

But then - in the middle of the ceremony for Holocaust Day - there is an announcement of three explosions in Dahab, many dead. Can't even focus on mourning the past.

I HAVE been warning you about Sinai - this is not small stuff. The weapons there are big and all over - and it's in the hands of people who do not like us (the west) and have been very busy in the past year. The explosions are aimed at tourists - and apparently there are a lot of British and Germans there. But there are also a lot of Egyptians dead and hurt.

22 dead hundreds injured. And may i remind you that injured means a few limbs lopped off....

How does one deal with the experience, to promise to yourself that it will not happen again. A postmodern promise'

April 25, 2006

There is no end to the stories emerging from the Holocaust. A woman at the hairdressers today said she always remembers her mother's commandment to dye her hair blond, that there is a woman whose life was saved when in line for 'selection,' she was handed a bottle of peroxide. On the other hand my aunts were mostly blonde, but it didn't save them.

On the other hand (I always have three) bombs are color-blind.

April 26, 2006

Because I was nervous about not knowing my lines in the rehearsal for the festival, I was not happy about going to a place I'm not familiar with. I was remembering Or Yehuda as it was the last time I visited, well over a dozen years ago, a place of bunsen-burner restaurants and a one-room library. How I was invited there to read then I can't remember, but it was like a one-horse town. And the 'run' we had today was in the glorious auditorium with all the complex audio equipment we needed. The neighborhood was almost pastoral, a suburban apartment paradise, with elegant traffic circles and a charming shopping center. And it was easy to get there, even though I was a wreck. On my way out I noticed the 'old' part of town, the part I recognized, the industrial center. But even that seems highly upgraded from what i remember.

April 27, 2006

I'm going up to Maghrar for the festival - stay in a Druze village - maybe read some poetry - maybe learn about some poets I've never heard before - meet old friends.

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