Born in London on the last night of the V2 rockets, I grew up in Rochester, New York, completing a Phd in 1975 at the University of Rochester. Since 1972 I've been in Israel, raising a family, and am retired from teaching poetry at Tel Aviv University, writing, and living. I chaired the Israel Association of Writers in English from its foundation until last year (and am now just trying to keep the books), was Vice Chair of the Federation of Writers Unions in Israel until it seemed to evaporate, am a board member of the Yiddish Writers Association, and help out at the Daniel Amichai Rowing Center. I'm also nominally the coordinating editor of the newly revived Jerusalem Review. Here's a CV in Hebrew , and one in English.They're not really the same and neither is ever up to date

I write poetry all the time, and sometimes remember to publish. And I enjoy writing for Panic Ensemble

Perhaps the most important detail is that i write this website myself, have been for almost 20 years, and still don't know how to do it.