Tel Aviv Diary - Nov 8-12, 2015 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

November 8, 2015

how many people were injured and killed today in terrorist attacks? 6 israelis and what 2 terrorists. Suddenly I find myself tuning out during the news. It's too much to bear. Jews in the West Bank don't understand what's going on - how anyone can murder another. but when you are told that your sacred place is threatened, and you must die to protect it - "let my soul perish with the philistines." the parallel is very faulty, and the truths are very wobbly, but the result is similar.

Me, I walked blindly through shopping centers and bus stops, as usual, oblivious.

November 10, 2015

"I took a boat," a woman in the audience explained when i asked her how she got her from flood Ashkelon. There were many crazy answers like that. We were in the old city hall, a gorgeous building even Ezi found impressive.

There was a very nice reading in the building, and when we got out, the pool outside was surrounded by dogs and owners of all sizes and shapes, as if they were having their own little reading.

The twelve and thirteen year old children who stabbed the security guard today - we didn't see their faces on the news because they were blurred, but the slender body of one of the boys won't get out of my mind. he was on the floor of the train and some one was trying to keep him from resisting arrest.

November 11, 2015

Ever go shopping in a shopping mall in Israel? How uncommon is it for the saleslady to be wearing a hijab? does it surprise anyone?

November 12, 2015

Two countries for one people. that's what we need. Tel Aviv as an independent state. Not divided by religion or race, but one city against the country.

There are simply very few things about Tel Aviv I don't like - what comes to mind are the beautiful bitchy girls.

I've got a couple deadlines and am overwhelmed. The world is crashing down on our heads and i'm worried about papers.

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