Tel Aviv Diary -June 7-11, 2015 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

June 7, 2015

Can't forget Viccolo della Neve. We walked out of our hostel yesterday and within a minute we were at Sta Sophia where the conference is, and only the four enormous flights to climb. And the hostel Ave Gratia Plena is fine. But I think I fell in love with Rosario.

Far more significant than my private madness is the wonderful public madness of this conference. It is full of anger especially from people who don't suffer personally, and those who are really involved in terrible injustices within their country keep a very low tone, and tell the terrible facts of their lives straight. But all of the people around the world have the strongest sense that the world must be made more just. and i believe it completely.

What have I learned from hearing hours and hours of multilingual poetry seems to be that the world could well do with less poetry and more positive programs for education and helping people

June 9, 2015

Salerno is a cobblestoned hilly town, a paradise for orthopedists because everyone seems to have sprained ankles in the conference. But yesterday we had the afternoon off and went to Amalfi, where we played with abandon.

In the evening we couldn't seem to avoid poetry even over dinner.

Today we were finally free 3d Printer

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