Tel Aviv Diary -July 12-16,2015 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

July 12, 2015

Somehow I feel today is a new beginning for me. that some things will work out that have been stuck for ages. that my back is finding new relief. that my house will be clean even if my cleaner doesn't come back. that my country will find a new leader that will bring unity.

No reason. Just a feeling.

After all, who would sign a deal with a country that not only wants to eradicate all of Israel but the US as well.

At the opening of Meira Lehmann-Peri's decoupage exhibit in Kfar Saba tonight, she brought me to her sister and said, "This woman worries me that she is always in pain. Help her." Between the two of them, they came up with a program and way out for me. The witch put her hand on my back and I felt wonderful heat - breathe into the pain, she said, and it did, very slowly figuring out what she meant. Then she told me some trauma did this to me. and of course I said when I took my grandchildren down to the shelter for the first bombing in the last war. that i feared there would be no future for them. Ah they said, and it was clear I was sharing for the first time. And maybe I will have a way out now.

july 14, 2015

so the best of a bad deal is better than making a fuss over the deal in the first place. Get a smile on your face/

July 15, 2015

Wasn't it considerate of Barak Obama to have a press conference exactly at the time we have our tv news? wasn't it wondderful to listen to him telling us how much he helped us with iron dome and how he'll continue to help us protect ourselves against our enemies. It's a ten year deal and I'm sure the Iranians will smile their way through the decade. Then we can see if Pluto is available for a Jewish State.

For a week I've been kvetching about my stomach, and about having no energy, but today I disappeared into the rabbit hole. I don't know how I made it home from the university, but fell into bed at 1 and haven't left. haven't done anything but watch tv until this very moment. that's why i know so much about the Iran deal. but of course none of us have read the agreement. we prefer to watch the commentators.

And the rumors - the rumors are wild. Back to bed.

July 16, 2015

The stories of genocide next door - the mass murder of Izidi, the decapitations, the systematic rape and enslavement of women and children - all these seem to be ignored in the world. We of course cannot ignore it because they are next door. right now they are aiming at Egypt, but they still manage to throw a rocket or two on us every day. Much more worrisome than Iran at the moment.

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