Tel Aviv Diary - Nov 24-5, 2015 - Karen Alkalay-Gut


December 15, 2015

I was on the radio today. But i forgot to listen. I forgot myself. We arrived yesterday and have been occupied every moment since then with straightening out all the odds and ends - heat, internet, etc. and children.

Everything has suddenly become incredibly nervous - the news on tv especially. we seem to fight about nothing - sports as well as politics. I need another few days to get myself together.

December 16, 2015

Cold, fever, etc. Doctor told me to take protec - 40 drops in water 4 times a day. went to the pharmacy and discovered to my surprise that there was no queue. three pharmacists who said they love the afternoon shift from 1-3 because no one shows up. a word to the wise. but so far the drops don't work.

It has taken me a day to catch up with the news. at first i couldn't figure out what happened in this country while i was gone.

December 17, 2015

A few computer burps this evening so I decided to write offline and then put it on line. I promise not to alter anything.

I’m watching “The Scriptwriter” as I write, the docudrama series about Sayyed Kashua, and all his conflicts as an Arab-Israeli. It’s on the first channel and has a large audience – I missed this program a lot in the past weeks. It reminds me of how complicated things are here – how many of us are confused in our identities.

Back online

I'm still coughing and wheezing but I had to pick up the kids from kindergarten and nursery today and in the constant rain it was wuite a challenge. the traffic was worse than ever, standstill on Rothschild, and then on the sidewalk people all over the place sticking umbrellas in each others backs.

But then, coming into the kindergarten, and then the nursery, it seemed worth it. no matter how informal the pre=schools here, they make great kids.

December 18, 2015

Friday nights are usually given to family in this country, but because our kids often have other commitments we wind up cooking on Friday all day and evening and then celebrate with lunch on shabbat. this may be followed by an evening of babysitting. Ah shabbat.

here are a few dates to remember this week. 1. reading for new issue of arc on wednesday decembeer 23 at 6 at tel aviv university, 2. a class on 'poetry off the page' featuring my poetry on December 24 at Tel Aviv university, Webb 01 at 12:15. 3. appearance at poetry festival in sde boker on January 14-6, 4. opening of exhibit in Jerusalem Theater on January 22 at 12. Please write me for details if you'd like to attend any of these:

Please come

December 19, 2015

In the middle of our double birthday party, with all the children celebrating, someone peeks at his phone and says, oh, another terrorist attack in Ranana. one severely wounded and two more lightly struck. Saturday afternoon on a quiet street, just like ours.

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