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Entry for February 14, 2007

are you reading me?  Judy, I'm working on this with heavy plodding steps.  the font size looks better doesn't it - now for a counter - i have no idea if i m alone in cyberspace...

2007-02-14 23:58:28 GMT
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sleepless in Tel Aviv
is quiet possibly
the safest place to be.
2007-02-15 02:06:43 GMT
Good luck with your new blog. I look forward to reading it. EFW It is very interesting to read your diary. EFW
2007-02-15 04:21:31 GMT
Much better. The comments show you aren't alone. But the funny thing is it does feel like a very different relationship as a reader. Although you have a counter on your diary, it's very inconspicuous. So it's easy on the diary to build up a feeling that you're in quite a private reading relationship with you. Here on the blog, I become one commenter amongst others. This is normally something I enjoy on blogs. As a reader of the diary I feel slightly bereft. Weird.
2007-02-15 08:04:17 GMT
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