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Entry for April 25, 2009
For some strange reason you readers prefer the wordpress site to my old-fashioned one.  But I like the old one because it tells me how many visitors i've had. 

Ah Tel Aviv! While Lisa was deep in the city taking pictures of the old bus station and the Saturday action, I was lounging in a restaurant near the market, watching the amazing natives stroll by as if they were walking down the hall of their apartment, in slippers, all relaxed for the Sabbath.  i'm still cameraless, otherwise i would have shown you all the nature of the way tel-avivians treat their city like the kitchen they kind of stumble into after a night of carousing.  But what really gave me a feeling of the city as a home was the conversation around the table - my friends were reconstructing the neighborhood of their infancy - a website (whose address i hope to give you tomorrow) is helping them. 

Some of you have asked about the photo of my aunt.  This is the first picture I've ever seen.  I know that sometimes my mother used to look at me and cry because I looked like her sister, and sometimes she would blurt out that I'm as dedicated as she was, but I had no visual.  I've been looking for her for months - especially after I saw the Bielsky film "Defiance."  There were some things that sounded familiar in that film, but others that were strange.  The role of women in the Bielski otriad, for example, was pretty domestic, and I remember that my aunt was a fighter.  After weeks of searching on the internet I went back to my mother's testimony in Yad Vashem.  The printed version didn't say much, but in the form, there it was in my mother's handwriting - Lenin Brigade with all the details... So I went back to the Internet.  And finally found this picture.
2009-04-25 20:17:43 GMT
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