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Entry for April 24, 2009

Let’s compromise – I’ll try both sites for a little while and see how it goes. 

The other day, Holocaust Day,  I ran out of some drugs and had to hit the pharmacy in the mall.  It took me just a minute so I thought that since I’ve already paid 6 shekel for parking, I’d step in next door to Zara and see what’s up.  It was crowded.  Crowded.   But within seconds an amazing t-shirt with zippers and an unmistakable friendliness to my body called me to attention, and I found myself standing in the long line for the registers.  “Isn’t it unusually packed?” I asked the girl at the counter. “Yeh, sure, it’s Holocaust day,” the salesperson next to her answered,  “Wait ‘till you see Memorial Day!”  It took me a long time to digest this information, being one of the sinners I wanted to condemn, but this morning, as I put the t-shirt on, I realized how much I needed the trivial renewal of clothing for this week-long period, when so much is mourned, and so much is ignored as well.

2009-04-24 14:46:08 GMT
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