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Entry for April 18, 2009

come on, karen, this is easier than writing in html - you can do it - it's so simple you can even think about what you're writing instead of concentrating on the instructions and letting the thoughts come as they will.  come on, you can do it.

all right, i talk to myself - it's common around here after the holidays to go crazy.  post-trauma tel-aviv style.

but i don't know otherwise how i can get myself to accept this simpler, common form of blog.

and i have to do it because i am so far behind in my paperwork i have to find simpler ways of handling things.  don't really seem to be capable of it in the fields that matter

for example,a bunch of my friends were sitting around for breakfast this morning and one of them turns to me and asks how the IAWE is doing.  the Israel Association of Writers in English.  I tell them we had too many expenses with the last journal and no one is arranging readings or sales so we're in debt and i can't get myself to take up the slack so we can get the next journal out.  They are seasoned organizers and  come up with a thousand ways i can do it, all involving a few more hours a week.  My eyes go dull and I don't remember the rest of the breakfast.

But of course I HAVE to do it, because if i don't there won't be any more association.  And it's only 5000 shekel we have to raise.  First I have to do my taxes and fill in forms for ACUM and write a song for Panic Ensemble and drink a cup of tea for my throat and call Bracha who is well over 90 and ....

2009-04-18 11:17:00 GMT
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