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Entry for February 14, 2007

this is a Doaromat.  We don't get big packages delivered to our homes, but have to go to the post office.  The doaromat in our post office is a vending machine for packages, accessible 24 hours.  We usually go around midnight when the dog gets walked.  Unfortunately I haven't been getting too many packages lately. 

Actually when I first came to Israel, the war broke out soon after and there were all kinds of shortages.  My mother used to send me coffee, powdered eggs, tuna, and other goodies, and all my neighbors would come over to see what had arrived.  I didn't realize then that my mother was very experienced in war and survival, and that I had a lot to learn.

2007-02-14 11:46:29 GMT
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My earliest memory of "Israel" is helping my mother seal a food parcel for her uncle and our cousins in Tel Aviv at the time of the 1948 War of Independence. I got to hold the red sealing wax and loved dripping it onto the parcel.

My mother packed some first class wursht into the parcel, among many other things. Too clever. All the ships were blockaded by the war and the parcel didn't get there till after it was finished. The wursht was completely rotten.

Dried eggs, which we regularly had in London at that time, seemed totally wonderful....

Tiny font this compensation for thinking this makes you more visible?
2007-02-14 19:59:25 GMT
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