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Entry for February 27, 2007

I can't move.  We were fed such amazing delicacies at Yakimono tonight that I couldn't refuse anything and now I can barely sit up straight without my belly falling between my knees.  19 Rothchild Street  - old Tel Aviv - and the restaurant is on a par with any NY Japanese restaurant I know (except the one on E. 43rd). 

As we walked out Naomi said, over there - where Bank Hapoalim is - that's where my grandmother lived.   My sister remembers the garden well. 

How many times have I heard that kind of connection with the past.  We're walking in Tel Aviv and someone will suddenly say - this is my great aunt's store.  Ezi used to surprise me all the time with that.  When I admired the Great Synagogue on Allenby Street, he mentioned that his grandfather had built it....

On a different note, perhaps, the song we're entering in the Eurovision song contest is called "Push the Button" about how Iran is going to blow us up. 

2007-02-27 21:59:02 GMT
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