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Entry for February 21, 2007

Suicide bomber - ultimately nothing happened. The guy was caught, the bomb had a technical problem, and all we had were traffic jams and, and one friend noted, diarrhea.

It is not that we are inured to the suffering of the Paleatinians. Although I wouldn't be surprised if many people around here don't want to hear. After all, we need to survive - physically and emotionally.

First poetry open mic at Coffee Print - 31 Bograshov, Tel Aviv - Sunday February 25th at 9 PM. All are welcome - invite your friends! English and Hebrew are both welcome.

"We are a people tending toward democracy at the level of hope; onanother level, the economy of the nation, the empire of business within the republic, both include in their basic premise the concept of perpetual warfare. It is the history of the idea of war tht is beneath our other histories...But Around and under and above it is another reality...This history is the history of possibility."This is Muriel Ruykeser on American poetry.

2007-02-21 19:24:27 GMT
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