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Entry for February 16, 2007

Okay guys, here's the compromise. I'll write in my private space for now and then clean up the html and copy it to the blog. Then I can maintain my own 'letter to the world that never wrote to me' facade to myself.

So tonight I was watching a live interview with former President Yitzhak Navon and I remembered why I am here. The old elegance, honesty, strength, wisdom etc. that we learned to expect from our old leaders. That palpable hunger for equality and nobility for all: it made me nostalgic for the old times (Of course some of the contemporary politicians say similar things, but nobody believes them). The most wonderful part of this interview for me was the way he refused to answer questions that were beneath him (like whether the present president should resign) and instead expounded at length on subjects important to him (and me), like values and morals.

p.s. Navon used this occasion to point out that Shimon Peres would restore some respect for the position and, he hinted, for the state. --- What do we say in Yiddish? Every word a pearl.

Sitting in Minna Tomei this afternoon, staring out at the diggings on Ivn Gvirol Street, it suddenly occurred to me. I've been looking out at how the whole street has been dug up, and Kaplan too, and wondering why it is taking so long, and the sermons in the Mosques today suddenly struck home. We're digging a secret passage to Mugrabi.

2007-02-16 20:59:46 GMT
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PS--you and lisa are two of the brightest
windows by which we see the beauty and drama
taking place in Israel. may God bless you for
that service.
2007-02-20 15:40:08 GMT
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