Let Live

"Let Live," the movement for animal welfare, education and environment headed by Attorney Reuven Ladianski, is an entirely independent apolitical organization, founded by animal lovers, people in favor of environment, and Tel Aviv residents who desire a better quality of life in the city.

We feel that a great deal more must be accomplished for animals, education, and environment, and we are willing to take responsibility, and do it!

Even now, in 2008, we continue to see terrible incidents of violence against animals and torture toward animals, gross ignorance of animals and their elementary rights, a lack of sympathy, stubbornness and indifference on the part of municipalities and government on the subject. We want to change it, and now!

These changes can only be implemented if all the local and national animal welfare organizations can function from within the political system. Therefore we have decided to run for the next Tel Aviv municipal elections, since this is where the budgetary decisions and orders of preference are made, decisions which affect our lives and the lives of the animals.

Animals Education Environment Quality of Life

The connection between animals, education and the environment has been well known for years. The overall and comprehensive approach to the area of environmental justice necessitates the involvement of animals as well, which incorporates our world and urban environment in Tel Aviv-Yaffo where we live.

Education as well is extremely important and "Let Live" believes that education is the basis for establishing an enlightened society, that protects against the weak and helpless, including of course animals.

Education for loving animals and education using animals are two-way processes in which individuals and the entire society, including animals, benefit.

Making History Together

Despite the great numbers of animal lovers in Israel in general and in Tel Aviv in particular, "Let Live" is the first movement for animal welfare which attempts to emphasize the importance of animals for numerous people and to give them electoral representation in the city of Tel Aviv municipal elections.

As in every new and pioneering enterprise, the path is not an easy one, but the extent of the support this movement is winning shows us again and again how important a movement will be in the Tel Aviv Municipality that will work for animal welfare, education, and environment.

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