How could I have known even his

brothers found him an insufferable prig

when I saw him in the doorway

his boyish torso framed by the light?

How could I have known it was a game

he played with everyone: 'more innocent

than thou.' I see a kid

striking poses in the field whenever I look

out the window and say, 'Hey I know guys your age

are hungry and shy, and I've seen the way

you look at my thighs.' And he says, 'Oh, lady

I'm in charge of your husband's house

but it wouldn't be nice to take his wife. We men

have an agreement about sharing chattel.'

You're right, I should have known enough

to stop there - if I'm the boss's wife

my body's not mine to screw. But who

would have thought a slave could refuse

the offer of an equal?

So I got left holding the robe

that reeked of his refusal

feeling like a fool and wishing I'd had sense

to dress up as an anonymous whore

and get my reward

like Tamar did

only a few pages before