The funeral of Asher Green will be on Tuesday at 17:30 at the Beit Hesped Kehilat Yerushalayim, on Har Menuhot.

The body of Asher Green was discovered January 3, two months since his disappearance.

full story

Asher Green has been missing in Peru since Nov. 3rd. In his last email on the evening of the 3rd from the town of Chivay (near Arequipa) he said hed be leaving the next day to trek in Colca Canyon for approximately a week, but hasn't been heard from since and there is no trace of him.

Asher Green is travelling with an American passport, as well as an Israeli one. He speaks fluent American English and Hebrew. some Spanish. he is around 175 cm, well built, green eyes, short light brown hair. He has a scar on his right cheek.

contact details:
oferisr@gmail.com . 972-77-7171207, mobile: 972-54-8072580 (eden)
greenjudith@gmail.com 972-2-6732828, mobile: 972-54-2142669 (judith)

Las autoridades peruanas y representantes del Gobierno israelí trabajan de forma conjunta para encontrar a Asher Green, un turista israelí que inició un viaje cerca a la ciudad de Arequipa y quien no se ha comunicado con su familia desde el pasado 4 de noviembre. Muchos jóvenes israelíes suelen viajar por Suramérica después de su servicio militar.

If you saw him or have any advice or help to offer please contact his family immediately.